April in Kalos...
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Energy Loto - when was the last time this card became relevant? Doesn't matter. In a meta where RS decks needs reliable ways to get RSE, FS decks needs FSE pretty fast, alongside Elesa, and Arceus decks need a fast way to get Double Turbo, this card is a banging addition. 5 Geodudes
it's always been a good tech in expanded decks with lots of setup that rely on turn 1 dce/special psychic. That way you can use your comp search on something else. couldn't agree more though, this card is awesome.


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Honestly, I love Energy Loto no matter what. It's just one of those fun, nice consistency cards for deckbuilding. The fact that it's in a format with a lot of special energy is a bonus!


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you know, I loved this card back in guardians rising because I played a SLG Mewtwo GX/ FLI malamar deck with 4 dce and I always used this to fish them out early game