Eiscue V and Other Gym Promos Revealed!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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  2. AshCo Payne-ful


    Oh-Oh god. First Morpeko and now Eiscue, my two least favorite Pokemon this gen got V Cards at the exact same time.

    ...I'm not even mad, this is hilarious.
  3. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Did you mean: "Mineguin"
  4. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    • Eiscue V - Ehh?! You not even KOing a Reshizard at that point. Bad card! 2-3 Geodudes exclude the Zigzagoon and the Vital Band.
  5. Bluesilvershiny Aspiring Trainer


    These pokemon are absolutely ridiculous

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