'Eevee Heroes' TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!


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Not gonna call this bland (Heck I'd never call any card that even if thy're meh), instead I'd say this card is alright, it made me think that the child hits harder than the mother and ngl I can see the logic behind that from an IRL standpoint, and the art is cool too.

N's Rhyperior

Pokebeach's The Rhyperior = YouTube's N
Swampert, Water/Ground type. Weak to Electric.

Man, they really generalized the weaknesses


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The artwork on Umbreon is fantastic. So glad Akira Egawa is continuing to contribute artwork for cards. I was already a huge fan with the Lucario V and especially Blaziken VMAX. Hope they can keep it up overtime.


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Oh my god...They are all busted.

Flareon Vmax isn't even half bad, late game could be absolutely destructive with energy recycle.

Vaporeon Vmax is damn good too, with any?? water pokemon, plus 3 energy attach from discard for a colourless. Then 200 dmg with a damage counter.

I cant even believe Jolteon...2 ENERGY, and its straight up going pikarom, 100, 100, and post-rotation, this is gonna be devastating.

AND NEARLY ALL ATTACKS ARE FREE with the elemental tool card...

And those abilities on Glaceon, Espeon and Umbreon...its SOOO...disruptive. Umbreon is a free boss abiliy, Espeon disrupts attacks, and Glaceon makes it real awkward for Vmax decks post rotation...

Thats not even the most disruptive part...the sun and moon tool card means bosses orders dont work .

My conclusion is that Path to the Peak, and Tool Jammer are gonna be real real staples in every deck moving forward, because my god.