'Eevee Heroes' TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!


Edit: I saw nothing.

Edit 2: Oh my gooooooooood, that VMAX Espeon. The alt art VMAXes from the past few sets have really taken full advantage of the giant Pokemon concept.
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Digging the consistent style of shading between all of the Eeveelution V's. They sort of remind me of Ryo Ueda's XY Full Arts, except a little less intense with their shading. That consistency is pretty neat!


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Goliposod can hit up to 330 assuming your opponent have 6 Gxs/Vs Pokemons with double colorless and its a single prize and Gengar can hit 360, just 30 more for double dark energy, Im not sure how good could it be in comparison, Goliposod dont see too much play


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Uh... wow. All of the 5ban Graphics models on these cards look... kind of janky compared to the PLANETA cards and aky CG Works.

I get the artstyle they're going for but Espeon V looks so goofy to me, it reminds me of the character models from Joshua and the Promised Land lmao


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That Inteleon Vmax is going to be a top tier deck i'm calling it, with all the water support and rapid strike support, it's bound to happen. I may be overreacting but that card alone just looks to good compared to the other cards revelead just now and i mean too damn good, it's going to shake up the meta for sure.


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Funny how back in the day Brigette let you search for either 3 regular basics or 1 EX, now we have Adventurer's Discover which basically lets you get the equivalent of 3 EXs


Alright let's talk about these shall we!!

Leafeon: It's always been my favorite eeveelutions and this one is pretty good. It's good for those VMAX grass decks that just need one extra energy attached turn 1. I'm looking at this paired with Rillaboom VMAX. Aside from that, there's not alot of other grass VMAX decks. Anything else has Cherrim.

Flareon: Don't care if you are single strike. This is bad. Maybe if it's VMAX is pretty good. Other than that we have signficantly better fire type Single strikers

Vaporeon: I love this pokemon too...but sadly, just not worth it. Even if it has Rapid strike support. Empoleon is better in almost every way.

Glaceon: Well we'll have to wait and see how good the VMAX is because that's all it has going for it. Being weak to steel is already a huge red flag.

Jolteon: Also a hard pass. Unless the VMAX is pretty good.

Espeon+Espeon VMAX: Espeon V evolves to Espeon VMAX that's all. Espeon VMAX however...pretty good for some support and that attack isn't as cool as it seems. Most VMAXs require 2-3 energy attacks. So the average damage you'll be doing is 120-180

Gengar V+VMAX- YES!! I love this Gengar VMAX. 250+ Single strike support!! You're only 20 damage less than UrshifuVMAX but you don't have to discard all your energy. And your first attack isnt that bad either. This might see play over Eternatus specifically because of the higher damage output +Better energy acceleration.

Inteleon VMAX- This is a great card!!! For a single energy attachement you can do 140 consistently. And that ability is pretty nuts as well. I can see this being it's own stand alone deck or a partner in Rapid Strike decks.

Adventure's discovery: Damn you turn 1 no supporter rule!! This card would be great turn 1 going first! This also includes VMAX, so you can have a very easy time setting up. Still I think it may see some play considering you can grab a crobat V off of this.

All in all... These cards are really cool!! I love the mechanic of single strike and rapid strike! This allows for so much creativity and deck building post rotation(Aka once tag teams are gone) Cant wait to see what the VMAXs do :)


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They have never used Gengar’s poison typing on a card before. Why do they do it now when it is a Darkness type??? I want a grass type Gengar...


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Is weakness an effect? If so, Espeon VMAX could remove weakness and make the SSH on meta a lot less rock-paper-scizors-like.


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Ah, yes, Gengar, noted thing that is weak to Fighting.

Can they admit the Gen 8 TCG type changes were dumb and undo them yet?


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I thought we all agreed on "Pokemon with a rule box", not "Pokemon V and Pokemon GX"... I'm looking at you Gengar.


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Honestly they should of letted you get all 4 VMAX cards of the eevee evolutions instead of just 1 per box it's abit pathetic tbh since ofc it's expensive

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  • All Eeveelution Vs - all of them are bland and bad, except for Leafeon and Sylveon. The ability can be usable on turn 1. 2 on others, 3-4 on Leafeon and Sylveon
  • Electrode - what's the point of this? 3
  • Entei - getting a whole SS mon near KO dmg, at least it's for 2 energy, not T1 friendly tho. 3-4
  • Grimmsnarl - Stage 2, yes. I know, but being capable of KOing Vs for 2 energy is a nice try. 4
  • Florges - worthy Mustard fodder. 4
  • Marshadow - same thing with Buzzmosa before. 3-4
  • Gengar V/VMAX - KOs Vs turn 1. or another Eternatus variant. 3/4-5
  • Inteleon V/VMAX - Better Water Shuriken. 5 Geodudes
  • Espeon VMAX - This reminds of DEX Espeon. This might saw play as Espeon before. 4
  • Adventurer's Discovery - 4