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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by rewster1, Sep 11, 2020.

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    So I have this Caturday deck that I love to play, and I've switched out chip damage methods over the past year since Caturday came out. Currently I'm playing the 90 damage Hoopa, trying to get Vmaxes in range with vitality band and goon pings. However, though 90 is good against some fellow one prizers, it misses KOs on baby Blacephalon, so that's a loss, and Deci and other random one prizers are also losses. Plus it struggles to actually get the 120 needed to KO Eternatus which is the deck it really should be able to beat if I want to get above 500 with it, given ADP is a lost cause.

    I've considered Throh, Kangaskhan, and even tried Greedent despite it being a stage 1 that only hit 100 (but also hits and runs).

    Is there anything better out there? Or should I go back to Roxie, or try Flapple, or something entirely different? Remember I'm only looking for slight improvement, not meta competitive.

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    What about adding a 4-4 line of arctozolt, it grows up faster than one may thought. And maybe a couple of sableye v to clean up wounded pokemon
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    I suggest Aerodactyl from Team Up. It does 180 for three colorless if you don't have GX/EX Pokemon in play. Also, Dewgong from Unbroken Bonds does 60 to two Pokemon for three colorless. If you want to keep Caturday, I'd focus on on Espurr from Unbroken Bonds, which is the best of the Caturday family.
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    Oh yeah, I'm only using Caturday for Espurr... I call any deck with espurr attacking for free a Caturday deck. Thanks for all the suggestions, but anyway, I got it sorted. I don't know how I managed this, but I was playing jirachi, hiding energy, bird keeper, scoop up net, and spikemuth already... but for some reason I was using Hoopa instead of Spiritomb. Basically I was playing a Tomb deck with the wrong attacker. So now I have a deck that can easily get 130 chip damage on, which is enough to kill even a big charmed Vmax with Espurr, or 100, which is plenty to take out tag teams (except ADP with big charm, but I was never winning that matchup anyway). Tomb also does fairly well in 1 prize matchups, so I am getting wins a lot more often on PTCGO than I was with Hoopa. Success!
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