Strategy Dynamax - Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'VG Competitive Play' started by scattered mind, May 14, 2020.

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    Ok I'll open things first and say that I am not a fan of the new concept. I don't enjoy battling with dynamxing and I'd like to hear from you whether you like it or not. And if it were possible - How's you change it?

    I'd probably limit it to one turn instead of 3 for starters. I think 3 turns is way too much. But all together if I battle someone online I'd appreciate a no-dynamaz rule.

    What do you think?

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    I'll admit, while I hate facing Dynamaxed opponents, it was really fun trying to think up niche sets with Fighting- and Flying- STAB. I remember talking with Vom about a boosting set with Tsareena (Rapid Spin + Fighting attack boost) that sometimes I wish I could use.

    ...but watching Gyarados and Hawlucha dominate isn't always exactly fun strategy, I guess. Still, I would've loved to see some new users taking advantage even if they didn't get a G-max.
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    I don't think Dynamax was inherently a bad concept, but it definitely went wrong. Giving such a powerful boost to literally every Pokémon in existence, as well as adding stat-boosting effects to the already super powerful moves was definitely a bad call.

    If they were to retool it in a way that made it less versatile (like only keeping Dynamax) and changed the stat-boosting effects to something else (for example, maybe putting the other Pokémon in Taunt?) it would be worth revisiting - as it stands, however, it's definitely unhealthy.
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    buffed up hp and three turns of z moves with stat changes isnt fair
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    I am used to playing with Dynamax allowed. Using your Dynamax too early may cost you later when you needed a way to come back against a boosted sweeper. If you use it too late, you might have lost too many other resources that you need.
  6. AshCo "An Excellent Profile Picture"


    I'll throw in my two cents on it. I'm personally not a fan of it, conceptually and mechanically. In terms of just concept, it's another cheap in-universe gimmick that replaces the last generation's. It's so ridiculous in universe but not at all interesting. It's just "Haha big Pokemon go boom!" and that's... that's it. Nothing really interesting behind it, just "big". It's also a shame since the Gigantamax designs are great, but they could have just been Mega Evolutions rather than this gimmick which is going to get thrown out in the next game.

    That being said even mechanically, I'm not a fan from what I can tell. There's a reason it got banned from OU, it was too much for a lot of Pokemon who could abuse it. The nice thing about Mega Evolutions was that, while some of them COULD be busted, yes, it also gave Pokemon who needed a buff one. Z-Moves, while I wasn't a fan of conceptually, was a once-per game move that a Pokemon could benefit from, but I'm not really sure if it was crazy busted since I don't know competitive Gen 7. I don't think it made any single Pokemon busted besides Eevee baton pass. But for three entire turns you can just make a Pokemon big and bulky and have three turns of screen nukes. The problem is that it's abuseable, I think. They should have just stuck with Megas and kept the mechanic that actually worked both conceptually, mechanically, and-not to mention-aesthetically.
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    Yeah I think there is a majority agreement on that Mega evolution > Dynamax
  8. XCITE In the Shadow of Mew


    Personally, I hate it canonically but like it (not love it) mechanically.

    I pretty much agree with Ashco on the lore. But mechanic wise, I like the strategy of it. When do I use my dynamax ? When do I think my opponent will use theirs? Am I prepared for it when they do? Can I stall it out? How to I avoid getting mine stalled out? Also, it’s pretty exploitable with any kind of sleep and eject button completely disabling it, So you have to go out of your way to avoid getting your dynamic wasted. Many dynamaxes are easily 2 shotted. It gives every Pokémon a chance to shine, even if some more than others. I remember when people complained and complained about the mega evolution favoritism, and every team had to have one of 50 or so Pokémon or lose. I also think people sometimes just want to find things wrong with swsh. It’s a very flawed game, but it has some very positive things about it. That’s not to say everybody has bad or invalid opinions but I think there is a demographic of fans who just kind of hop on the negativity wagon.

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