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    Hello! I am starting my Bidoof only run in Pokemon Diamond! I will be using a starter until I can get a Bidoof. I will also be using other Pokemon for HMs, but they will not use moves with any effect.

    This is not a nuzlocke!

    Professor Rowan: Welcome to the world of *extreme mashing of A button*... Oh... You've done this before... Are you a boy or a girl?

    Me: I'm a Bidoof.

    Professor Rowan: I'll take that as a boy! What is your name?

    Me: Bidoof.

    Professor Rowan: Uhm... Okay? What is your friend's name?

    Me: Bidoof. (I'm sorry)

    Professor Rowan: *turns to camera* Is he serious?

    Me: I can hear you.

    Professor Rowan: Well then, leap into the world of Pokemon, and I'll see you when we bump into an edgy blue haired guy on a lake! (Oh wait, wrong game)

    I wake up in my room watching the news about a Red Gyarados. I run downstairs (or I would if I had running shoes yet) to see my mom waiting there.

    Mom: Bidoof!

    Me: *distorted cry*

    Mom: Quit imitating a Bidoof and go see Bidoof, Bidoof!

    I walk to Bidoof's house and almost ring the doorbell when- THUD!!!!!!

    Bidoof: Hey Bidoof!

    Me: You just slammed into me...

    Bidoof: So? Come to the lake! If you're late, I'm fining you a million dollars!

    Me: Ugh, why are you like this?

    Bidoof: *running away* I can't understand you, I don't speak late!


    Bidoof: Wait! I forgot to take literally anything!

    Bidoof grabbed his bag and decided to change his fine to 10 million before running off like a gazelle. I soon followed (still without running shoes, ugh) and realized Bidoof wants to catch the elusive Red Gyarados at the lake.

    Me: We have no Pokemon or Pokeballs to catch the Gyarados, Bidoof!

    Bidoof: Bidoof, what was the last word you said?

    Me: Bidoof?

    Bidoof: Exactly! We are the Pokemon! Lets go!

    The walk to Verity Lakefront was a tedious three and a half hours without running shoes, and when we reached the lake there was an old dude and a young girl.

    Old Dude: Something is different about this lake, but I can't quite place my finger on it...

    Gyarados: *jumps out of the water* Do you mean me!?

    Old Dude and Young Girl: Aieeee!


    (That obviously did not happen, Pokemon can't talk!)

    Here is what actually happened:

    Old Dude: Something is different about this lake, but I can't quite place my finger on it... It is enough that we have seen it. Come Dawn, let's go.

    Dawn: Professor, how are you enjoying being back in Sinnoh?

    Professor Rowan: It has been pretty good, but these two idiots named Bidoof... Oh! Speak of the devils...

    Me: Hey, you're the old geezer who judged me for naming my friend Bidoof!

    Bidoof: Yeah! Wait, you named me this?

    Me: Yeah, sorry.

    Professor Rowan: Let us pass, please.

    Me and Bidoof: Ok.


    Bidoof: That girl was nic- *SLAP*

    Me: We have a job to do! They left their briefcase behind, so we need to give it back!

    Bidoof: Ooh, Pokemon! Can we keep th-

    A group of Starly fly in, cornering me and Bidoof.

    Me and Bidoof: Let's grab the Pokemon from the briefcase!

    I take Piplup because Torterra is the only starter that has no super effective STAB or resistance to normal type, so it will be easiest to fight as a Bidoof. (I'm normally a Chimchar guy though)

    I fight the Starly without an item, Pokemon, or flee option to select. I wonder what they want me to do?

    I use Pound for half of Starly's health, and Starly used Tackle for 1 damage. I used Pound again and the Starly had fainted. First Pokemon battle won!

    Bidoof thinks his Turtwig is tougher than my Piplup, but he is wrong.

    Finally, my game froze. I had gone on a hike and left it on, so that was probably the most likely factor. I will have to make it to that point again, but it was a short trek.

    Dawn: There's the briefcase! Did you use the Pokemon inside?

    Bidoof: *throws Pokeball into water* Uh... No...

    Dawn: That Pokeball is empty. Turtwig is beside you, stupid. The professor will be furious! I'll take the briefcase and the Pokemon. *walks away*

    Bidoof: What was that about?

    Me: What would you do if somebody used your Pokemon, huh?

    Bidoof: True... Bidoof, let's get out of here.

    I hope you all liked part one (even though there was one battle, and no Bidoof yet)! Let me know if you think there is anything I should change! :)
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    Oof, I agree with Bidoof on picking Turtwig

    Excited to see how the Bidoof run goes! Love the humor you have in your lines, especially when Bidoof was surprised you named him! :p

    Brave of you to tackle such a majestic Pokemon, Bidoof is the best of doofs.
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    Very enjoyable read! The Bidoof playthrough can go insane with the humor throughout the storey line.
    Can't wait to get to the part with the real Bidoof.
  4. Dravinator Poké Fanatic


    Bidoof Diamond Part 2:

    I walk away from Verity Lakefront with my friend, Bidoof, and run into the professor and Dawn.

    Bidoof: Hey, it's those people! Is that old guy staring at us?

    Me: Yeah, because you're so pretty. We just used their Pokemon!

    Bidoof: Oh, right. It's been a little while since the last chapter, I forgot.

    Professor: Dawn says you used our Pokemon, is that right?

    Bidoof: No, what makes you think that?

    Dawn: *facepalm* Turtwig is beside you again, so don't pull any of that.

    Professor: Why does Turtwig's back have "Bidoof wuz here" in black and white spray paint?

    Bidoof: I didn't do it, I promise!

    Me: *snickers*

    Professor: I'm going back to my lab! Come Dawn!

    Dawn: Wait up! *turns to Bidoof and Bidoof* You should come visit our lab sometime. Ok, see you!


    Bidoof: If he was angry, he should have yelled at us... They didn't even want their Pokemon back... Let's go home, I've had enough craziness today.


    Mom: What a story! I am glad none of you are hurt! I think you should visit Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town to explain why you had to use his Pokemon.

    Me: I don't want to use the Professor's pokemon... How will I get there without using them?

    Mom: Endurance and sheer will. Just leave. Oh, have some Running Shoes!


    Me: Whatever, they're not my colour. *dying of excitement inside*

    Mom: Press the B button and dash further than ever before!

    Me: Mom... We're not in a video game, there is no B button!


    I run out the door, then I run through the town, then I run through the tall grass (I love this). I am not sure how many ways you can say "I used Pound and they all died" so I will just say that I made it through unscathed.

    I found a Bidoof! But I have no Pokeballs! Great...

    Dawn brings me to the lab, but a surprise occurs...


    Bidoof: Oof! I think I have more brain damage than I did before!

    Me: Great...

    Bidoof: I like this professor guy! He's a cool dude! Not surfer guy level, but he's pretty up there. Whatever, later! *runs as fast as The Flash outta there*

    Dawn: Your friend is a nut.

    Me: Yup, I'm aware.

    I enter the lab and approach Professor Rowan.

    Professor: Welcome, Bidoof was it?

    Me: How could you forgot a name like that?

    Professor: Trust me, my memory is not as bad as one of my friends. Crazy Oak forgot his grandson's name! How could you forget a name like Satan?

    Me: Alright, you got me there.

    Professor: Can I see your Pokemon?

    *passes Piplup*

    Professor: Mwahahahaha! You just handed Piplup over to Team Rocket! *rips off lab coat like Superman to reveal a large R* I am Giovanni, who are you? Oh wait, a dead man. Jessie, get him.

    Dawn reveals herself as Jessie, a Team Rocket member who is notorious for failing to successfully capture a single Pikachu (until they defeated Ash over 20 years after they started trying, but that story is for another day)

    Jessie: Koffing, use Smoke Screen, then use Toxic!

    I faint due to the effects of the attacks, and I wake up with a bright light in my eyes.

    This obviously did not happen, I just wanted to get creative.

    Professor: Can I see your Pokemon?

    *passes Piplup*

    Professor: My my, it seems to like you! Keep my very rare Pokemon, insulent child!

    Me: I just want a Bidoof...

    Professor: Go catch your own Bidoof! Speaking of Bidoof, Bidoof said you battled well, despite it being your first time. I want to entrust Piplup to you because I believe there is a bond forming.

    Dawn: I'm so glad you are kind toward Pokemon! If you weren't, I'd have to... Oh, I jusy can't say it...

    Me: Whoa, was that a threat?

    Dawn: C'mon, wanna scrap, huh?

    Professor: Break it up! There is something I want you to so for me.

    Me: Shoot, doc.

    Professor: I want to know what kinds of Pokemon live in the Sinnoh region. To do this, I need to collect data using the Pokedex. Would you take this Pokedex and explore the Sinnoh region?

    Me: I kinda need to to progress the story, so, sure, whatevs.

    Professor: I am glad you are going into this with such a great attitude! You and Dawn both have Pokedexes, so feel free to share data. (That should be a feature)
    Go explore this amazing world, yadda yadda yadda.

    Dawn: My first Pokemon was a Chimchar at the lake! If you chose that, we would be twinsies! See you around!

    (I now know that this text never differs other than the Pokemon, as when I played as Chimchar she picked Turtwig)

    I attempted to save, but the data could not be written and the game crashed. I restarted and tried again, getting to the point where Dawn guided me around town, showing me the Pokemon Center and Poke Mart (I miss them being separate) as well as telling me I should ask my mom if I could leave. I attempted to save again and it worked!

    I healed at the Pokemon Center, then I bought 5 Poke Balls. I was ready to catch Bidoof.

    I ran from a Starly, then I found him. My partner. I used Pound twice, then I caught him first try. I named him what any sane person who has watched Pokemon Rusty would: PNUTBUTTER. (Hi Dorkly) I am allergic to peanuts, but this was too good a name to pass up. The 10 letter cap sucks, but I made it work.

    So, that was part two! I finally caught my partner for this run; a level 2 PNUTBUTTER. I have you have a blast reading this!
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    PNUTBUTTER is the hero we need in this trying time. Love the story twists and then twists back to normal, it's fun to get played like that while reading :)

    Also the running shoes button remaining on in the HGSS interface was such a good idea, I still miss how perfect everything was. Bidoof in Johto?
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    Bidoof Diamond Part 3:

    I run to Route 202 and get turned around by Dawn. She somehow knew I didn't ask my mom to leave. With the knowledge that Dawn is actually psychic type, I ran back to Route 201 and battled to level up PNUTBUTTER.

    I used Piplup for the first battle because Bidoof's health was getting low. This part mainly consisted of going to the Pokemon Centre, battling, repeat.

    Bidoof reached Level 4 and Piplup was banished to the PC until I need Surf. I also caught a Starly for later on when I need Fly, and he was also banished to the PC.

    I set my game to Text Speed: Fast and Mode: Set because I forgot to do that at the start.

    Once Bidoof reached Level 6 (which surprisingly took a little while, I forgot how slow the battles were), I went to tell my mom I was leaving forever.

    Mom: Oh, that's great that Professor Rowan asked you to go on an adventure across Sinnoh! *maybe it will finally be quiet in this house*

    Me: I heard that!

    Mom: I know. Here is a going away gift!

    *passes Journal*

    Me: What do I do with this?

    Mom: You take a pen and write with it, dear.

    Me: Can't I use QuickMemo+ on my LG G4? (not sponsored)

    Mom: If you don't want it...

    Me: All it does is get annoying when SRing for legendaries...

    Mom: You have no choice. Take it.

    *obtained Journal!*

    Me: What was that?

    Mom: What?

    Me: Did you hear that?

    Mom: No...

    *Bidoof put the Journal in the KEY ITEMS Pocket*

    Me: That!

    Mom: I think you should be in a psych ward instead of exploring Sinnoh...

    Me: Whatever, bye!

    *woman enters door*

    Bidoof's Mom: Is my little Bidoof here?

    Mom: No, he's not...

    Bidoof's Mom: Oh... He must have left already...

    Me: Oh, Dawn didn't make him talk to his mom...

    Mom: Quit grouching and go, Bidoof! Take this to give to Bidoof!

    *obtained Parcel*

    Me: How do you not hear that!?

    Bidoof's Mom: Is he mental?

    Mom: I've been wondering that myself...

    Me: Later!

    I leave for Route 202, marvelling about the amazing journey I am about to embark on. The one Starly I faced stood no chance against the almighty PNUTBUTTER and her (yes, her) god-like Tackle.

    I meet with Dawn at the cusp of Sandgem Town and Route 202, and she showed me how to catch a Pokemon.

    Dawn: Hey Bidoof! You look stupid enough to not know how to catch a Pokemon, so follow my lead!

    Me: ... The only Pokemon in my party is a Bidoof... Which I caught...

    Dawn: So what? It's standard protocol. Just watch my minute long tutorial starring my Chimchar!

    What appears next is unbelievable... A SHINY STARLY!!! She catches it and flaunts it in my face, singing "Na Na Na Boo Boo, Stick Your Head In Doodoo." I was furious.

    I rip the Starly out of her Pokeball and run off, leaving Dawn heartbroken. She though I was her friend, but I'm really a Pokemon smuggler. I sneak shiny Pokemon across the Sinnoh-Unova border and sell them for big money, but I never said I was honourable.

    I cross the border on my Level 69 (nice) Staraptor using Fly, then I settle in Driftveil City. Clay is a part of the smuggling job too (and he's also filthy rich), so he buys the Starly off me for an even $5 million.

    I live the rest of my life in a waterfront beachhouse, drinking the most expensive wine and having a beautiful boat, (What, you thought I was gonna say wife? Let's be real here, I'm just a smuggler, a 10 year old non-charismatic smuggler) living filthy rich without any regrets. A 10 year old with his own beachhouse? You couldn't pass that up.

    That part was for you, @Turtwig. I had to think of something for the episodal twist, and I've been in a real mystery/thief/fugitive theme. (Prison Break does that to you, I even had a dream about it last night)

    After what felt like an hour long tutorial starring Dawn's Chimchar (where she caught a REGULAR Starly), I was finally able to continue with my journey.

    (I won't be grinding much yet, as this part of the adventure is easy as pie, but later on I will really need to pack on the grinding)

    A Shinx appeared, and it was tempting to catch it, but I have to forbid Luxray from my team.

    A few Pokemon Center trips were taken (critical hits, ugh) as well as a PokeMart trip, where I got some Potions.

    Multiple trainers had fallen before I got the perfect Bidoof to Level 8 (one Level 3 Bidoof got PNUTBUTTER to 1HP with 3 critical hits), but the battles ended when I arrived in Jubilife City.

    Dawn: Are you catching any more Pokemon?

    Me: Nope, I'm doing a Bidoof only run!

    Dawn: Cool! You should go to the Trainer's School, because I think you need education. You've never been to school, right?

    Me: Nope, I've been cooped up in my hometown forever.

    Dawn: Well, you'll probably meet double of Twinleaf Town's population in that school!

    Me: No doubt. Don't catch any shinies while I'm gone!

    I don't go to the Trainer's School, but I instead immediately make a beeline for the next route, Route 204, where I battle the inhabitant trainers. (Because why not)

    One Youngster believed his Dad gave him amazing Pokemon, but one of them could only use Splash.

    PNUTBUTTER demolished each trainer, destroying their dreams with the only move that matters; Tackle.

    The Level 9 PNUTBUTTER learned Defense Curl, which is really just a slightly better Growl in her case.

    The end of the Route encompassesthe Ravaged Path, which I remember being blocked by boulders from Platinum, so I turn back to Jubilife City after grabbing an Antidote and encountering a Level 6 Zubat.

    So, Part Three comes to an abrupt end as the family car broke down a while away from home. :/
    I was playing during the car ride, but at least I got to go out for a bike and a swim while the car was being worked on. :)

    Less dialogue will most likely continue throughout this journey (at least until Dialga) as there is less conversation.

    (OFF-TOPIC: Does anybody know how to change this thread's picture? The picture I chose was not supported, so it doesn't look very professional.)
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  7. Dravinator Poké Fanatic


    I enter Jubilife City from Route 204 and make a beeline for the Trainer's School, as I remember hearing Bidoof was there. (at least I think I'm in the Trainer's School, I never really paid any attention to it before)

    Bidoof wasn't there, so I searched for the real Trainer's School. I arrived at the Trainer's School (seriously this time) and GuEsS wHo I fOuNd!? If you guessed Bidoof, slather me with butter and call me a bagel.

    Bidoof: Hey Bidorkus, what are you doing here? I thought you were too cool for school!

    Me: Well, I'm not here for education, I'm here to deliver your parcel.

    Bidoof: My what?

    Me: *sigh* Your baggy bag...

    *passes Baggy Bag*

    Bidoof: Score! It's a Town Map! Wait, why are there two in here?

    Me: Well, obviously one is for you to keep, and one is for you to eat!

    Bidoof: Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Me: One is for you, one is for me.

    Bidoof: Alright, here you go.

    *passes Town Map*

    Me: Thanks!

    *Bidoof put the Town Map in the KEY ITEMS Pocket*

    Me: How come I'm the only one who can hear that?

    Bidoof: Your mom is right, you should be in a psych ward. Oh well, the map says Oreburgh City is the closest place to go next. They have a Rock type Gym too, so good luck beating that with a Bidoof!

    Me: See you around!


    Bidoof: Hey... That's my line...

    I leave the Trainer's School and walk past the Pokemon Center when a strange man approaches me.


    ???: Oh, oh, oh?

    Me: Wut?

    ???: You call yourself a Pokemon Trainer, and yet you have no Poketch? (Pokemon Watch)

    Me: I don't need fancy schmancy electronics to be a Pokemon champion, I just need my Bidoof!

    Poketch Salesman: Well, it's free.

    Me: You have a new customer! Sign me up!

    Poketch Salesman: You have to find three clowns around town and answer their quizzes to get this lit watch.

    Me: Clowns? *Supernatural flashback*

    Poketch Salesman: They won't beat you up, Sam!

    Me: You mean Son?

    Poketch Salesman: I don't care if your name is Sam, Son, Jimbo, or Sonny Jim Boy Jimbo, just go get that Poketch!

    I proceed in the Poketch quest by interacting with some weird clowns, asking questions preschoolers could answer such as "Can a Pokemon hold an item?" and "Just like Pokemon types, the moves of Pokemon also have types?" (also, that last clown isn't great with grammar)

    I couldn't find the final clown for the longest time because of the glare on my DSi screen in the car (for anyone concerned, it's not the car that broke down last time), but I finally found him in the middle of the road in front of the Poke Mart.

    "Does a Pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining Exp. Points?"

    The word "grow" may not be well used here, as some Pokemon never evolve and therefore never gain any height or other physical traits, but their stats do raise, so I'll say yes. I think stronger would be a better word here, but grow works.

    "Ding-ding! You're absolutely correct!"

    Thanks clown man, I appreciate it.

    I approach the Poketch salesman with intent of getting a free watch, but his newly acquired hunched posture and slightly nervous figure unsettles me.

    Me: So, I answered those easy questions from the clown, you got the watch?

    Poketch Salesman: I was hoping that would take longer... I'll be right back.

    Me: *lifts black object out of pocket enough to be visible* No, you're staying right here.

    Poketch Salesman: Wh-wh-whadda you want, kid? Money? Watches? I'll do anything, just don't hurt me!

    Me: Both sounds great.

    Poketch Salesman: *opens wallet* Let's see, I've got-

    Me: Whoa, a $500 EBGames gift card! I'll take that instead! You got an Edge Platinum card too?

    Poketch Salesman: Yeah... But I need that... My kid's birthday is coming up and-

    Me: Well, mine is too, and I could really use a boost. I'll take those, keep your stupid watches.

    I go around the corner to the conveniently placed EBGames and buy a Nontondo Swontch (copyright) with Spuper Mayro Mayker 2 for when I go to other cities with PNUTBUTTER (first mention of her, wow. no battles yet either).

    So, that's the story about how I got a Nontondo Swontch by talking to creepy clowns and threatening a man with a Black 3DS!

    which didn't actually happen btw, this is what happened

    I approach the Poketch salesman and request my Poketch in return for the tickets from the clowns. I get my Poketch and change it from the clock (which was 12 hours off) to the party HP tracker.

    IRL Update: Between plays I went to a friends cottage and swam in the lake and the pool. :)

    I leave for Route 218 to Oreburgh City, and I soons realize that it's not the right route, so I re-enter Jubilife and leave through the right side of the city; Route 203. Bidoof was there, and he challenged me to a Pokemon battle. I personally thought he was more of a Yu-Gi-Oh! guy, but I was wrong.

    *Did I grind enough?*

    My level 9 PNUTBUTTER fought Bidoof's level 7 Starly and level 9 Turtwig, and while you may think I was underleveled, I only had to use 2 Potions because yeah I was underleveled Bidoof's Pokemon hit a critical hit each, one of which hitting a whopping 20 damage. (I won, if you couldn't tell. Good job PNUTBUTTER)

    Bidoof: Waah! What do you mean I lost to a Bidoof!

    Me: Who are you talking to? Me or PNUTBUTTER?

    Bidoof: I'm talking about myself. *sarcasm alert* Of course I'm talking about your Pokemon!

    Me: Well, no need to be a-

    Bidoof: I'm gonna beat the Oreburgh Gym, then I'm gonna be the Champion!

    Me: Lol, sure.

    Bidoof: See you around!

    I grinded with my now level 10 PNUTBUTTER, getting her to level 12, but not before buying 4 Potions, bringing my total number to 7 Potions (if you need to ask how many I had before, I think you need to go back to school).

    How one of the many visits to the Pokemon Center during this grinding session was very strange, and it also "influenced" my Pokemon career path.

    Nurse Joy #47: Would you like to rest your Pokemon?

    Me: No, I'd rather see her suffer. Of course!

    Nurse Joy #47: That'll be $500.

    Me: WHAT!?

    Nurse Joy #47: Pokemon healthcare has been privatized.

    The three other citizens in the Pokemon Center heard this statement and joined me in locking Nurse Joy #47 in a closet, and while many other Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny tried to stop us, nobody could stop the wrath of Bidoof, Schoolkid Jimmy, Youngster Sally, and Ace Trainer Mary.

    We soon realized that the closet capacity was 30 people, and that we couldn't fit all 83 Nurse Joys and 34 Officer Jennys in the same closet, so we told some other boys to come out of their closets so we could heal our Pokemon freely.

    I took it upon myself to take over the Pokemon Center, forcing my employees to look exactly like me to create the illusion that we were similar to the Nurse Joys. (Oh yeah, most of them also worked for relatively low wage. Not many people use the online services anymore, so they just sit there on their phones.)

    That story didn't happen unless you played some bootleg Pokemon game, in which case you had a weird childhood.

    @Turtwig again
    So, guess who lied about less dialogue?

    It's been a while, but I'm glad I got back to this.

    Also, there is two "not real" story sections. I felt somewhat creative.
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