Dragon Pokemon Return to the TCG: 'Sky Stream' & 'Towering Perfection' Revealed!


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Oh, Dragon... How I missed you. It was only a year and a half, but I missed you.

And... Hoo boy. I'm in love with this Rayquaza VMAX card. I'm sure my Rayquaza bias is probably making it way more exciting, but... Yeah. I'm super excited.


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Do we have any clue if they're permanently back? Or is this just for a short while? Because the Dragon symbol smack dab in the center and the claws behind the HP/Type seem a little too cool.


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Interesting to note that Ray has gone back to the lightning fire for its energy types. When we get Ray GX it was grass lightning. If there is one thing we know is that Ray is going to be meta.


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Love how they included Ampharos/Denrryuū on the list just for the sake of the pun.
Also, I guess this pretty much confirms (or at least is a very likely hint) towards a future Regidrago card being dragon-type rather than Colorless

Holden Sheeks

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PLEASE TELL ME THIS MEANS THEY REPRINT DOUBLE DRAGON ENERGY! (Not that it's going to help Rayquaza V/VMAX but still)