'Dragon Majesty,' 'Shining Legends,' 'Hidden Fates' Blister Packs at Walgreens!

How long do you think it will be before they sell out?

Edit: Didn't find any.
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Standing in my local Walgreens and yep they've already been raided. No surprise there

Edit: I've checked 4 and all empty. F
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Shining Legends has Mewtube and Shining cards, Dragon Majesty has the Gold Ultra Necrozma GX, and Hidden Fates... needs no explanation. Yeah, these are sure sellouts, though seeing how they're third-party products, I'm not sure how the scalping situation will be for them...
I checked at least one of my walgreens a few days ago for pokemon cards unfortunately nothing there but I have another to check.

Edit: only had an xy series one as well as a theme deck, some other stores that can have these kind of repackaged things, are CVS and 5below.
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These are all sets that have guaranteed holos in every pack so it's a lot harder to actually weigh them and pinpoint relevant information for pulls.
Walgreens already had these, with those good sets being bought out by scalpers. See them all the time in Facebook groups since those mystery boxes came out, which are also scalped. My luck is finding only these blisters with Breakpoint or Fates Collide instead of the good sets.