DP: Ranger's Sound. I would like some help.


I'd like to make myself believe...
DP: Ranger's Sound

Spoiler Makers:
Ex Dragon18

Card Fakers:
sneasel Flygon

Note: I might need more People, if so, i'lll change it.

A Little rule for the Helpers:
Use lvl's and resistance/Wekness from DP
ohh, HP can be high. Just look at DP cards

Human's and Pokémon Always lived in peace. Happy on the farm, on job, in houses, as Assistance Rangers or just Playmate's. But once, there were a Horrible Sound, and all Pokémon Turned against Humanity. Luckyly, Not all Pokémon. So they Helped The Humanity to Survive. But People Saw What it was, and only Some could tell the Story. But some survived it, and YOU are 1 of them. But there's still 1 question, will Humanity Win, or will Humanity Loose. That's Your Fate, now Go and Save the World...

More than 100 Cards in the Set.
Awesome New Holo Energy cards to find, for the Humanity.
6 New Lvl X's.
a Special New Concept, Pokémon-Loud.
2 New Shiny Rare Pokémon Cards, Pokémon-Heart.
a Brand New Engine, Check it out!
Some Old cards, Back in Busniss

Note: in the List Pokémon-Loud have a L after the name
Anyway, we'll end with the Special Holo Energy Card, so watch out the Hole List in a While, anyway:

Cards done
Spoilers Made

Holo Rare: 21
Aggron L
Alakazam L
Ampharos L
Crobat L
Dodatoise L
Emperte L
Exploud L
Goukazaru L
Gyarados L
Jibacoil L
Lysian L
Muk L
Ninetales L
Spinda L
Walrein L
Wigglytuff L
Heart Energy

Rare: 22
Banette L
Castform L
Ditto L
Espeon L (Reserved for LV)
Flareon L (Reserved for LV)
Glacia L (Reserved for LV)
Igglybuff L
Jolteon L (Reserved for LV)
Leafia L (Reserved for LV)
Loudred L
Magneton L
Mary's Ampharos
Mary's Exploud
Mary's Porygon
Mawile L
Mimilop L
Rain Castform L
Snowcloud Castform L
Sunny Castform L
Umbreon L (Reserved for LV)
Vaporeon L (Reserved for LV)

Uncommen: 27
Berobelt L
Corsola L
Electabuzz L
Electrode L
Elekid L
Flaaffy L
Golbat L
Grimer L
Hayashigame L
Kadabra L
Lairon L
Megayanma L
Manetric L
Mary's Flaaffly
Mary's Loudred
Moukazaru L
Pichu L
Pokémon Ranger's Minun
Pokémon Ranger's Plusle
Pottaishi L
Raichu L
Sealeo L
Tentacruel L
Weezing L
Wishmur L

Commen: 30
Abra L
Aron L
Chimchar L
Chimecho L
Eevee L (Reserved for LV)
Electrike L
Gulpin L
Illumise L
Jigglypuff L
Koffing L
Lickytung L
Magikarp L
Magnemite L
Mareep L
Mary's Mareep
Mary's Whismur
Mimirol L
Pikachu L
Pochama L
Shuppet L
Spheal L
Swalot L
Tentacool L
Turtwig L
Volbeat L
Voltorb L
Vulpix L
Yanma L
Zubat L

Trainers: 15
Mary's Impulse
Mary's Interview
Mary's Request
Pokémon Breeder
Pokémon Cook
Pokémon Farmer
Pokémon Ranger
Pokémon Shop Keeper
Pokémon Tower
Pokémon Trader
Rare Candy

Energy: 11
Dark Energy
Loud Rainbow Energy
Metal Energy
Multi Energy

X Energy
Darkness Energy
Fightning Energy
Fire Energy
Grass Energy
Lightning Energy
Metal Energy
Psychic Energy
Water Energy

Lvl X: 6
Alakzam lvl X L
Electivire lvl X L
Exploud lvl X L
Jibacoil lvl X L
PorygonZ lvl X
Wigglytuff lvl X L

Heart: 2
Nidoking Heart Reserved for me)
Nidoqueen Heart (Reserved for me)

Box-topper: 1

About Pokémon-Heart:
You Can Only Have 1 <Pokémon Name> Heart in your deck. e.g. 1 Nidqueen Heart and 1 Nidoking Heart.
Pokémon Heart Will Replce Pokémon*. They always have 2 Attacks.
First attack needs 1 Energy of any Kind and does 10 damage, Mostly with something Goods, e.g. Heal 1 damage Counter from Pokémon-Heart.
2nd Attack Needs 3 Different Types of Energy and does Ultimate Damage. Then you discard them. e.g. {L}{G}{P} and does 150 damage, then Discard alll Energy attached to Pokémon-Heart.

Light Venusaur

Deidara~Senpai's student (in training)
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Yeah, I'll do them!
(But not now...as I'm @ PikaFlash's place for a sleep-over)


I'd like to make myself believe...
Do the Hole Exploud Line plz.

Mary's Interview
*Supporter Rule*

Draw 2 Cards. If you have a Pokémon with Mary's in it's name, draw 2 More cards.

Ice Pokemon Master

The Amazing Race/Heroes&amp;gt;You
Whismur L
50 HP

Supersonic C Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Confused.

Ascension CC Search your Deck for a card that evolves from Whismur and put it on Whismur (evolving), Shuffle your Deck.

Weak Fight Retreat 1

Loudred L
70 HP

Extra Call CC Flip a coin. If heads, search for a LV.X card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your Deck afterward.

Take-Down CCC 50 Does 10 damage to itself

Weak Fight Retreat 2

Exploud L
100 HP

Poke-Body Loud Aura As long as Exploud is your Active Pokemon, only your opponent's Pokemon with L in its name can attack. This body stops working when Exploud is affected by a special condition.

Hyper Voice CC 40

Overloudness CCCC 80 Exploud L can't use this attack during your next turn.

Weak Fight Retreat 3

BTW you've spelt hole not WHOLE.


I'd like to make myself believe...
btw, you forgot the BT and lvl X. anyway, do you mind if i write it in the first post as "My Language"? lmk


I'd like to make myself believe...
BT = BoxTopper. Anyway, you forgot the Levels and The lvl X Exploud

Note: i migth change it a little bit =P


I'd like to make myself believe...
Super sonic needs flip, Extra call is pretty Broken and Loud aura is Broken. Further i actually love them.


I'd like to make myself believe...
My Fix:

Whismur L lvl14
{Colorless} 60HP

Flip a coin, if heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Confused.

Search your deck for a Pokémon that Evolve's from Whismur, and put it onto Whismur (This count's as evolving Whismur). Shuffle the Deck Afterwards.

Weakness: {F}+10
Resistance: none
Retreat Cost: {C}

Loudred L lvl 28
{Colorless} 80HP
Stage1-Evolve's from Whismur

{C}{C}Extra Call
Flip a coin, if heads, search your deck for a lvl X Pokémon Card, show it to your opponent and put it into your hand. Shuffle your Deck Afterwards.

{C}{C}{C}Take Down 50
Loudred does 10 damage to itself.

Weakness: {F}+20
Resistance: none
Retreat Cost: {C}{C}

Exploud L lvl 61
{Colorless} 140HP
Stage1-Evolve's from Loudred

Poké-Body: Loud Aura
As long as Exploud L is your Active Pokémon, each time when a Pokémon without L in it's name attack's, you Flip a Coin. If heads, that attack does nothing. Each Pokémon Can't be affected by mor ethan 1 Loud Aura Poké-Body

{C}{C}Hyper Voice 40

{C}{C}{C}{C}Overloudness 80
Exploud L Can't use Overloudness during your next Turn.

Weakness: {F}+30
Resistance: none
Retreat Cost: {C}{C}{C}

Edit: Fixed my Fix =P


I'd like to make myself believe...
sure, wait a sec, than i'll update this (Hopefully). Anyway, nintendo jr. know's them.

Edit: Here it is. all buy Cascade Gonpory (Might missed a few, but i don't think so)

Master of the Six Kings

I'll help

Shuppet L HP 50 (P) Lv 15

(.) Curse Noise
Flip a coin, if heads the Defending Pokemon is Poisioned

(P) Vengful Spirits 10x
This attack does 10 damage for every Shuppet, Duskul, Gastly and Misdreavus in your discard pile. You can't use this attack during your next turn.

Weakness: (D)
Resistance: (F)
Retreat Cost

Bannette L HP 80 (P) Lv 45

(P)   Rival Progressor
If you have a Duskull on your bench, this attack does 30 damage. If you have a Dusclops on your bench, this attack does 20 damage and put 1 damage counter on Bannette and Dusclops. If you have a (i don't know the name of dusklops' D/P evo) on your bench, this attack does 40 damage and Bannette is Confused.

(P)(C) Mockery Slap 40

Weakness: (D)
Resistance: (F)
Retreat Cost: (C)


I'd like to make myself believe...
@IPM: srry, weren't very online these past days. yes you can. No, i'm to lazy to search for a Pic =P. Will edit this once...

@MOT6K: In, will update that. Keep it ahead!