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  1. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Credit to @Yaginku, this is my first time running a tournament so I am using their framework

    Welcome to the first ever Pokebeach Double Theme Deck tournament! One of the best ways to build a cheap deck with some semblance of a competitive vibe especially for younger, newer players, is to buy two copies of the same theme deck and combine the cards to make a single 60-card deck, culling the "fat" and focusing on a streamlined strategy. Once doubled, even decks considered sub-par in the Theme Deck meta can be quite competitive in the format, creating a relatively even playing field.

    Since this format is so accessible for anyone on PTCGO (it'll only cost you 1000 coins maximum), and since many casual players primarily play the Theme Deck meta anyways, I thought I'd organize a tournament for this format.

    1. Decks must be constructed using cards from no more than two (2) of the same theme deck. (I.e. 2 Charizard decks combined is okay, 1 Charizard + 1 Entei is not. Maybe next time, though!)
    2. Banned cards found in theme decks (ex: Wally) will be legal.
    3. Matches will be best-of-3. (Exception: if both players agree to a best-of-1 [take screenshots to prove this!] then you can do a best-of-1. I'm being flexible because I know it can be hard to find the time to play 3 games in a row if you live a busy life. However, since Bo3 is more fair, if either player is not comfortable with a Bo1 then Bo3 is the default.)
    4. Round robin style -- I'm only expecting a few players. If there is a lot of interest I may update this to Swiss.
    5. Decks which you can only obtain one copy of because they are PTCGO exclusive (Mental Might, XY Basic Red/Blue/Green, etc.) are not eligible to be doubled. This is to preserve the spirit of accessibility. Rule of thumb: if you can't buy it in the shop right now, it's not legal.
    Sign up
    1. Please comment below in this thread to enter, with your PTCGO name.
    2. Message me with a valid decklist for this tournament.
    3. Sign up by Thursday June 16th @ 8:00am EST

    Tournament structure
    1. At the beginning of each round, pairings will be posted in this thread, generated through a Round Robin system.
    2. Each round will last for three days, or 72 hours since the pairings were posted. In the case of all results being reported earlier, the round can finish earlier.
    3. The players in each pair should contact each other in any way they please and schedule a game. If one of the players needs a time extension of less than 24 hours, they should report it to me.
    4. The game is run with the decks that were submitted with the registration form. The game is decided on a best-of-three basis (unless otherwise decided by players)

    Monitoring & Reporting Results

    While it is not mandatory, it would be extremely helpful if each player recorded each game in case of a dispute, using software such as OBS. If that's not possible, any other form of verification - clips, screenshots - is also acceptable.

    Please post in this thread the results of each game once it concludes within the 72 hour time window.

    The final results will be posted in this thread and the next round announced soon after.

    • @bbb888 is offering a gift of a signed card to be mailed to the winner (US/Canada only).
    • One (1) bragging rights and sense of fulfillment in playing in a tournament with a novel format.
    • Others (including myself) may chip in to the prize pool as they see fit. No pressure, though.


    If you have any additional questions, please post them below.

    I look forward to this tournament!!

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  2. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Update: I've extended sign ups until Tuesday June 16th due to confusion caused by me being a n00b at using these forums to lead tournaments. :)

    Looking forward to co-ordinating this now with all interested Pokebeach-ers looking to try out a fresh, highly accessible, metagame.
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  3. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer



    can we use more than four of a given card (eg 5 Pikachu) given that that's how constructed events such as prereleases generally go?

    Also, do we have to use the specific prints of the cards included in the decks?

    eg, if I have a reverse holo Pikachu (to continue the example) am I allowed to use it as long as it is in all other respects identical?
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  4. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer


    After trying to build Durant Mill with 6 Durant (sue me, I thought it would be good) I discovered that you can't add more than 4 cards with the same name to your deck. The game literally will not allow you. So this question has been answered.
  5. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    I applaud the creativity! Yes, 60 card decks, no more than 4 of the same card -- usual rules apply. The only "exception" is that if the deck you are doubling contains a banned card (most salient case being Wally), then that card is allowed. This is consistent with the PTCGO Theme Deck metagame which also allows Wally.

    Cards don't have to be the same art / holo pattern as those in the decks, as long as they are still identical cards. If you have the bling to spare, I see no problem with you bringing it along!
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  6. Dravinator Poké Fanatic


    Count me in! I might not be able to finish it due to time restraints, but I know I can definitely start it!

    Do you choose the theme decks or do we get to choose? Are multiple people allowed the same deck (ie, two people have Relentless Flame)?
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  7. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    You choose, and yes, multiple people can use the same deck. After all, two people doubling the same deck may still come up with a different set of 60 cards.

    No need to publicly claim your deck, just PM me the list :)
  8. Nyora A Cat


    Can we use decks such as Rallying Cry & Mental Might?
  9. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Good question. I want to say "no" because you can't easily obtain multiple copies of them (Rallying Cry you could last year I guess but not any more). I think it is contrary to what I believe to be the spirit of the format which is that everyone is able to operate on a level playing field and no one is at a disadvantage because they can't trade for cards or don't have an extensive collection.

    Thanks for asking. I'll update the rules.
  10. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


  11. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer


    I’m in

    I’ll send my list through tonight
  12. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


    I'm in. PTCGO KangaRewster
    I'll PM my decklist in a second.
  13. bbb888 One Life. One Dream.


    Hey! I really like the idea of this tournament!
    But since I don't really have time to play, I figured I want to support this in another way, by adding my portion to the Prizes:
    • The winner receives a signed card from me (USA and Canada only)
    I hope it's ok for me to do this lol! Consider this as a gift from me ;)
    Let me know what you guys think. Good luck to all the players!
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  14. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    That's awesome and very generous of you @bbb888!

    We have 3 players right now (correct me if I'm wrong): Dravinator, Rewster and Almonds.

    Consider sign ups open until the moment I post pairings, which I will do either tonight or tomorrow morning. If anyone wants to join last minute they are more than welcome.

    Hooray for extensions!
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  15. Mora Don't Panic

    Forum Mod Member

    I'm in, but I have a question, how do I know if my deck is off limits? Because I actually have Mental Might on ptcgo, and I don't really know how. I notice the Mental Might deck box says ptcgo on it, is that a good indication that the deck is off limits?

    Also, @Nyora expressed interest, but you didn't sign up, so last chance ping I guess.
  16. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer


    Mental Might is given to you during the Tutorial, iirc. It is off-limits for this tourney; I believe that only decks able to be purchased in the theme shop are legal
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  17. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    @Mora: Basically what Almonds said^^. Rule of thumb: if you can buy it in the shop, it's legal. Mental Might, XY Basic Green/Red/Blue, and BW Basic Green/Red/Blue, and Rallying Cry (amidst some others perhaps?) are decks you can have due to tutorials but not available in the shop (physical or online, for that matter), so it's off limits.

    And yup @Nyora let us know if you're interested.

    I'll post pairings in about 12 hours or so.
  18. Mora Don't Panic

    Forum Mod Member

    Can I play cards from a different set if it's the same card? Secret Rare there are a million different prints of PokeBall, Switch, Potion, etc.
  19. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer


    Yes, as per the below:

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  20. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Let's get this show on the road!

    - @Dravinator
    - @FourteenAlmonds
    - @rewster1
    - @Mora


    ROUND 1

    @Dravinator vs. @FourteenAlmonds

    @rewster1 vs. @Mora

    IDEAL ROUND COMPLETION DATE: Sunday June 21, 11:59pm EST

    Best 2 of 3, unless participants agree otherwise. However, Best 2 of 3 is the default assumption. Let me know if you need an extension in the time. Please post here the results of the round, in case we can move on earlier than Sunday night. Good luck to all!

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