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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Robert Fuchs, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Robert Fuchs PCTGO name: Ben358358, PST zone
    Robert Fuchs


    Trying to find a way to win with Ultra Malamar vs Dolls...

    tried putting Blacephalon CEC up right away and spreading 40, but they get Sky Pillar out. I put my Viridian Forest on top but a few turns later they put Sky Pillar back in their deck and get Sky Pillar out again.

    They usually play two dolls, so Phione is no good because they will just bring up another doll.

    My strategy is to attack with Giratina quickly, and take 1 prize card before they get the dolls out, so I am down to 5 prizes. Then I use Giratina to do 40 damage onto my own Jirachis and Inkays and get my opponent down to 1 prize card, then use Ultra Necrozma GX attack...

    But I always seem to deck out just right before I can get the Ultra Necrozma GX attack off (like one or two turns short).

    Game takes forever it's a painful game...

    Does Espeon & Deoxys work better? Can you load 6 energies on and do 20 spread? won't he crushing hammer off the energies?

  2. Robert Fuchs PCTGO name: Ben358358, PST zone
    Robert Fuchs


    Also thought about custom catcher, but at best I think you will only be able to gust up once, and so it would be good for one knockout but that's probably about it.
    Opponent will probably mill at least one other one away.
  3. Robert Fuchs PCTGO name: Ben358358, PST zone
    Robert Fuchs


    Also seen some doll decks now playing an attacking leaf deerling (sp?) pokemon, to take out cryogonals I assume.

    It's a nice card to put it, it actually jumps back to your bench even which is perfect.
  4. Kenatta_tcg Aspiring Trainer


    Its a boring match to be sure. Yes, Espy/Deo is your better answer to that. You just have to hold your stadium for the right moment and then go after the florges(s). If they don't have florges their deck falls apart. I would go all in on 6 energy and cross divide. If they crushing hammer you it shouldn't matter, you are playing malamar after all so you can get the energy back. Usually Cryogonal is run in ADP, and a lot of lists have started running 2 or a girafarig. Then you just wait for the right turns when they whiff coins to use the girafarig to lost zone the dolls. I have also seen people running espurr again in malamar to snipe the bench on important turns or at least early game pressure the florges(s). Mew helps set that up if you can get a turn 1 attack with mew. You can potentially just hit with mew turn 1 and espurr turn 2 to snipe their bench florges. Most doll stall can't take that early pressure.
  5. Robert Fuchs PCTGO name: Ben358358, PST zone
    Robert Fuchs


    I haven't play tested it much, but is a single Cyrus in a Malamar deck enough to take care of dolls?

    Strategy would be:

    get a Giratina active and keep knocking out your own Pokemon until you get him down to 3 prize cards, and on the last attack knock your own Giratina out so it's in the discard
    in the meantime setup one Malamar and one Jirachi on the bench

    When you get him down to 3 prize cards, play: Cyrus supporter and Viridian Forest (and reset stamp too if you can), get him down to 3 cards and 2 bench Pokemon
    put down Blacephalon and bring up Blacephalon and spread for 120
  6. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    Florgess alone is 120 so you can't win the game that way since they'll have time to get out more pokemon
  7. Robert Fuchs PCTGO name: Ben358358, PST zone
    Robert Fuchs


    So you have to use a combo of Cyrus and Girafarig on the same turn to really nail the coffin down for good?
  8. arsomartinera Aspiring Trainer


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  9. Robert Fuchs PCTGO name: Ben358358, PST zone
    Robert Fuchs


    What I do now is try to start attacking with mew bench barrier for 30 spread on turn 1 if I can, to put pressure on, until he can get a sky pillar out.

    Then in the meantime evolve 1-2 Malamars and load up a Giratina. Also don't bench Giratina directly, discard and then jump to the bench to do extra 10x2 damage.

    Then attack with Giratina until you knock out 3 of your own pokemon small ones like extra inkays or extra jirachis to get him down to 3 prize cards. Then retreat your Giratina and use Blacephalon for spreading 12 damage.

    Then if the match lasts long enough and you haven't lost yet, you may have a chance to use Ultra Necrozma GX attack at the end.

    Then you have to also drop your Viridian forests at the right time on top of the sky pillars.

    Doesn't always work.

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