Ruling does this count as a marked card?


I remember reading somewhere that having only certain cards as RH in your deck is looked at as marking your cards cuz of the natural curl that they tend to get. I was wondering if the opposite were true.. I'm currently making my deck all holo, and don't think I'll be able to get 2 more RH DCE and 2 RH collectors by the time regionals is here. And what would the penalty be if they decide it's marked cards?

also, DNA, there is Musharna who does dream eater for 90.


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It doesn't matter if a card is holo, RH, or non holo. Now if it curls or is in some way distinguishable from the others, that is a problem. If the judge thinks you are intentionally cheating with it, he will disqualify you, but I haven't seen that happen. He typically just gives you a proxy to play with until the end of the tournament.


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also, DNA, there is Musharna who does dream eater for 90.
I looked that card scan up about 1 hour after I posted that comment, but thanks for the reminder anyway.