Help Does the parents Attack IV matter if I don't care about the offspring's Attack IV


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So, I know the basics to IV breeding. I am trying to hatch a Modest shiny Deino and the pokemon in the day care are as follows. I am a competitive player to the tcg, so I may not have all the terms right.

Deino (Modest)
Item: Everstone
IVs 31/x/31/31/31/31

Deino (?Not Modest?)
Item: Destiny Knot
IVs 31/x/31/31/31/31

I do not care about attack, obvious by the nature and species.
The Destiny Knot passes down IVs to the offspring if held by a parent. Normally the offspring has 3 IVs from the parents and 3 random but the Destiny Knot makes it have 1 random and 5 from the parents. Here it the question I am wondering.

Does the parents Attack IV matter if I don't care about the offspring's Attack IV

Parents IVs


Offspring has the IVs


Had the two parents of been 6 IV pokemon the offspring would be
The randomly generated IV is the attack one. But did the "Bad" iv in attack get moved down to the offspring in a different stat?

This may seem obvious to those expert breeders, but just want to make the most out of the shiny pokemon I eventually hatch.
I think no, I believe it was just a coincidence. I never gave this much thought, as it is the best and only way to breed good IV's Pokemon and it has been working great for shiny Pokemon as well, but iirc, your Pokemon can either inherent the mother/father IV of the same stat, or have a random IV and not inherent anything.
If those really ae the parents' IVs then that child is impossible. Destiny Knot guarantees 5 IVs will be passed down from either parent (in any combination taken from the two parents) leaving only 1 of the 6 stats random. Given the quoted values, the chances are it's really the SDef stat that is 22 on that one parent and not the ATK stat, as that would explain why the SDef on the child is 22 while the attack stat doesn't match either parent.

given a destiny knot on either parent and the IVs:

the only possibilities are the attack stat being the only random stat, or the attack stat matching either the male or female with another random stat.
Coincidentally this gives you just over* a 1 in 6 chance of getting what you want

(*just over because of the additional 1 in 32 chance of the random stat being 31 as well)

anyway, when breeding like that it's best to just breed about 12-20 eggs, just to be safe, as the chances are extremely good at least 1 will have the random stat in attack.