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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by coolsmiles424, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. coolsmiles424 Aspiring Trainer


    I just discovered this deck like literally five seconds ago, found a list for it, and started playing with it a little, and I think it has some potential in either Standard right now, or what will soon be Expanded after the rotation (which I'm not too thrilled about, rip ultra ball, dce, nest ball, guzma, etc.)

    My main concerns are just the fighting types because of the weakness w/ Raichu, aka Buzzwole, lycanroc, potentially lucario?? but that doesn't see too much play, however buzzwole is still kicking around, and PikaRom is a big competitor in the meta right now and still manages to hold up even with the fighting weakness, so it may or may not be an issue?

    NOTE: Yes, i know of the promo pikachus, but these are the only pikachus i have w nuzzle, and right now all I'm doing is planning for an expanded regionals, so if standard becomes an issue, then i'll get them later, but rn there's no real difference, as long as it says nuzzle : P

    EDIT: Might end up cutting Koko Prism Star only cuz i dont use it that often, should i?

    Here's my list as of right now, thanks to Rare Candy on Youtube for this:

    4x Pikachu (XY 42/146)
    4x Raichu GX
    3x Pachirisu
    4x Emolga
    1x Tapu Koko Prism Star


    3x Nest Ball
    4x Poke Comm.
    3x Choice Band
    2x Looker Whistle
    3x Exp. Share
    1x Field Blower

    4x Cynthia
    4x Looker
    2x Erika's Hospitality
    2x Guzma

    1x Thunder Mtn.
    1x Wondrous Labyrinth


    14x Lightning Energy
    Before you go commenting;

    YES, I've considered Electropower+Charger, I just think that Choice Band is more reliable than having to pray for coin flips to get extra damage back late game

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, tips+suggestions, and plz let me know your opinions on whether or not you think Raichu is a viable deck!
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  2. Catastrophia PokéBeach Articles Editor

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    Aside from the obvious that Raichu-GX is going out of standard in August (although looks like you're kinda going for an expanded deck?), I'm not sure that this can really compete in the current meta.

    Snuggly Generator can generate you a max of 5 energy per turn if all of the conditions are right, pair that with the Tapu Koko ♢ and you are still only getting a max of 8 (including attachment for turn) in your first attacking turn. That would max out your damage at 180, which isn't bad all things considered, however, your nuzzlers on the bench are so easy to snipe with Zapdos, or Ultra Necrozma-GX with it's Sky Scorching light-GX attack (or any sort of spread really), and then all your energy is gone.

    You'd also be leaving yourself vulnerable to a well-timed Tapu Koko-GX which would use all of your energies against you.

    Overall there's definitely something there, I just think if you're going the expanded route then there are some other options available to you to accelerate energy, like Max Elixir which could make this deck much stronger. If you're going down the standard route then it's a fine deck to play, you'd have to test it against the decks from the current meta to really see how it stands.
  3. coolsmiles424 Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks a lot for the input, however I've changed the list quite a bit since I posted this, and the quickest setup has been 2 or 3 turns for decent damage, maybe 240-260 damage w/out choice band, just w/ snuggly generator, but my main concern is just keeping the Pachirisu active long enough to get that quick setup. I also had to miss out on Hartford regionals which was where I was planning on playing the updated version, so the only play this deck will really be seeing will be at a league. If you want I can put the recent list up here?

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