Do you think the writers neglected Misty in the series when she was around?

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    Its actually kind of ironic that Serena actually got less screentime at the start of XY than Misty did, although Serena's been improving as of late in the focus department.

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    1 The plot creators and other workers probably had an inside joke of Ash covering for Misty whenever the situation seemed to demand her water types.
    2 Her multiple goals might have confused the anime creators, making them unsure of what the best scenario to bring her up would be. ~"I want to be the best at everything!" Dilemma of water pokemon or cute pokemon? Give up being a Gym leader? Be the Ash, Brock, Misty navigator for once cause it seems like she could do it, or is she good with riddles and not maps? She's pretty good at thinking of alternative riddle answers.
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    IMHO, they didn't want to bring in the romantic element early in the series. So much money yet to be made through games, films, series and whatnot! Just look at the rate at which Ash matures! I feel this is the most important reason- all others are secondary. They can't keep postponing till the end of time (or can they?!). It will be interesting how they decide to do it. It is my hope that somehow he gets to be with Misty in the end! :)
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    Of course they didn't bring it in at the beginning. With how many kids were watching that damn show, they weren't about to screw up and add the romance then. Meanwhile how they'll do the romance in the series? They won't. Ash is maturing beyond normal because new writers. And one thing new writers will most certainly not do is bring back Misty.

    Why not? Because not only does she have no relevance whatsoever in Kalos or Alola, but she's also been axed almost 15 years ago now. And in those 15 years (unlike the forever 10 year old Ash) grew, matured, changed. And since she's probably (according to how old Ash would be IF HE AGED) about 16-17 years old. Ash is still 10. The writers WILL NOT make something as horrifying as that happen in what's known as a kids show...

    Now so this post doesn't get deleted by mods, let's talk about the subject. Yeah, Misty was neglected compared to the other poke girls, especially May and Serena who received character development far beyond that of the rest of them. Misty was most likely neglected because, like Iris was in the Best Wishes saga, they didn't really know what to do with her.

    Like in the BW saga when Iris was trying to be a dragon master, in my honest opinion, the only real development she ever got was when she was trying to train Dragonite with the oh so overrated Cynthia. And what's funny was this was during the time Dawn was there, so she's the only one of the three poke girls without a good reason to return, or have any sort of final character development like May did.

    Misty in her goal of becoming a water Pokemon master, got little development. In fact, I wanna say that almost 90% of her meaningful development happened in Pokemon Chronicles, and in Hoenn. And guess what? Most of that was still in Chronicles. I think they put her in Chronicles because they knew that she needed some character development before she was axed permenantly and had no appearances in any aspect of the anime whether it be a spin off or the main series.

    Overall, yes. I believe Misty was extremely underdeveloped in the days when she was a part of the main cast, and even less than that of Iris (which is saying something), and it's a shame that such a well done, and universally liked character had virtually no character development when she had the opportunity.
  5. Um, no. Working under the already unlikely assumption that Misty would come back, the writers would not turn around and keep Ash at the eternal ten but then make Misty be sixteen or seventeen. If she were ever to return she would be the same age as the last time we saw her. The only thing that might change would be her Pokémon line up though hopefully she would have grown and changed as a character, even though we'd never see that journey.

    I however seriously doubt that we would ever see true romance between any two characters in the series, regardless of which poke girl a person likes. When all is said and done this is still known as a kids show as you already pointed out.

    You know I thought the point of Chronicles was to spend some time on characters that you don't see in the main series. This should have been time for Misty to shine, as well as to a lesser extent Brock, to say nothing about the later former main characters of the series.

    On top of that being a water pokemon master, while being an unrealistic goal like being a pokemon master in general, should still inspire a lot of things considering water pokemon are either the first or second most abundant type in the entire series even in the first generation. There should have been a lot that Misty could have done, the writers just chose not to. But that shouldn't surprise anyone considering Ash wants to be a Pokémon master and is nowhere near that goal.

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