Do you think Pokemon Showcase will end up like Contests?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Team Rocket Fan, Aug 24, 2015.

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    I mean, we all know what happened in Sinnoh. First Dawn was a good beginner, Joey was a boss, Kenny was good and Jessilina was a joke. Then, Dawn was a boss, Joey was a boss, Kenny was good and Jessilina was good. Then 2 new coornidators appear. Ursula and Nando. Both are bosses. Finally, everyone became bosses. Top Coornidator is Dawn's primalry rival, Joey. Do you think the same will happen with Showcase? Man, I want Jessie to become queen so bad! But still...It won't happen :p Not to mention that this would ruin her disguise. She would be a star and she couldn't help but revealing her true Team Rocket identity. Who do YOU want to win? Of course with 2 or 3 showcases only it's really hard to predict.
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  2. Okay, first off Dawn's rival was not Joey, it was Zoey.

    Now then, it is too hard to tell for sure but I think unless they reveal someone really good I think Shauna will end up winning the showcases and become Kalos Queen. I personally wouldn't mind Serena but honestly I don't think that will happen. Then again it's hard to say because they might turn around and throw us a curve ball in that regard too.

    Jessie is highly unlikely to win, Team Rocket doesn't do that.
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    As much as I would love to see Jessie doing well and being a serious contender, I don't think it will happen. It's just not the nature of the show, or of Team Rocket. She'll probably do just well enough to follow along with Serena and Shauna, whether by talent or cheating, and that's all.

    I don't really know enough about how Contests were presented in the anime to compare, though, since I've seen hardly any of the anime for 3rd and 4th gen. But I do know that the Showcase episodes are probably my favourite in XY and I love how they're developing Serena. Because she's not Ash, there's actually a bit of suspense to see if she will actually make it and win or not, whereas with Ash we know he'll make it to the League and fail, so I don't really find it as compelling of a character arc.
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    Wow. Well, Athena in my opinion if you missed the contest episodes you missed the best episodes. They were my favourites. Anyway, that what I'm talking about Pikachu6319. If Shawna wins it will be the same again with the primal rival of the female hero winning. However I'm sure Jessie will be great enough to compete in the end since at least with cheatingin the pokepuff contest and a great performence on the seond round she did great. Of course she won't win. However, I believe that they may add another contender that will beat both Shawna and Serena. Well, I'd love to see Serena win cause I really like her character till now. (although I'd love to see Jessie win more). Shawna just isn't my type. She seems too annoying to win again! That's how it all started with contests though. But I liked Joey at least.
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    Eh, I just don't have enough desire to sit through several hundred old episodes. Pokémon is too long! :p Maybe if I'm ever stuck in bed or in a hospital for a super long time or something I'll watch Johto through Sinnoh, but in the meantime, I'll stick with just following along with XY which is enough for me.
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    Yeah, it isn't woth watching Unova at all. It sucks. It's all boring with lame pokemon lame character and lame movies. But all others including XY are awesome!
  7. Well here's the thing. Can Shauna really win? She might be able to beat Serena and any other competitors. We already know she'll end up beating Jesse, that's a given and I have to say I wouldn't be surprised if Jesse didn't even make it that far, but if it comes down to it can she beat Aria?

    That would be as likely as any of the main characters beating any of the champions be it Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Alder or Diantha. As in not too likely.

    And that is assuming they don't turn around and introduce a charrie like Zoey for this generation. They could do that as well.
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    I think I have to disagree with you there, for 2 main reasons:

    1) Shauna is definitely not a main character, not in the way Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie are. She's only appeared in a handful of episodes. As such, I don't think comparing her achievements to main character achievements really makes much sense, since side characters don't follow the same narrative rules that main characters do. That said, I don't think you're giving her enough credit. Shauna might have been a complete non-entity in the games in terms of her talents, but as little as we've seen her in the anime, she's shown herself to be a very natural and talented performer. She won a Showcase on her very first attempt.

    2) The people in charge of the anime have specifically said that Ash will never win the League until they plan to end the show, but I actually think that specifically because of that they might make it more likely for another character to win in a more minor aspect of the anime, such as the Showcases. I'd certainly put my money down on Shauna (or even Serena) becoming Kalos Queen before Ash ever beats the Champion and wins the League.
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    Actually, Shauna specifically stated during the showcase episode it was her 2nd time.
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    Huh, I don't recall that, go figure. I guess that puts her on about even footing with Serena then. :p
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    There is nothing surprising going to happen here. Serena will win her remaining tokens and enter the Master Class showcase, most likely lose to a rival who wins the whole thing. Either Shauna will win the whole thing or some new rival will pop out of nowhere at the end like Solidad, etc. and win.

    I mean we've gone through this three times over already. A lot of Serena's development in the series is also more or less the same thing May and Dawn went through just in slightly different ways.
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    Yeah. precita is right. I just hope that somehow things can change sometime so we can get surprised when we see the episode. Still, Serena has big chanses of winninng. I can actually imagine her becoming Kalos Queen and leave to travel in another region while Ash goes alone and finds another guy and a girl to travel with.

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