Question Do you need to encounter Ho Oh in Heartgold, or Lugia in Soulsilver to progress?


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As the title says, in HeartGold and SoulSilver, is there a way to beat the game and face Red without ever having to go through the battle screen where you have to fight Ho Oh in HeartGold, or Lugia in SoulSilver? I played SoulSilver before, but I didn't remember if I encountered Lugia and caught it because I wanted it, or if it was the game forcing me to because I had to do it or else the game won't progress.

Is encountering Ho Oh mandatory in Heartgold, and Lugia in Soulsilver? How about Gold and Silver? In HeartGold and SoulSilver, assuming it is mandatory to encounter Ho Oh in HeartGold and Lugia in SoulSilver, what stops you from progressing if you haven't done the encounter?
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I've not played HGSS for a while, but from what I can remember, once you've gotten the Rainbow/Silver Wing and received the Master Ball from Prof. Elm, you need to go and battle the Kimono Girls, then go to the Tin Tower/Whirl Islands and encounter Ho-Oh/Lugia before being allowed to face the E4. I can't remember exactly what stops you from progressing, but I think it was Prof. Elm saying something along the lines of 'don't go that way you still have to see the Kimono Girls'.

As for the original G/S, I do not remember at all - I think they might have been optional, as the whole process of encountering the legendaries got quite a makeover for the remakes.

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Wow I actually can't remember but I believe the game should hint at that once you try to pass the guard to Mt Silver or something. At least in HGSS. GS can definitely leave you in the dark there.


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You do not have to catch Lugia. You do have to fight it and win, which means you either catch it or defeat it. Warning! If you kill it, you will never get another chance to catch it!