Discussion Do they ever ban cards from Standard?


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I have to agree with their recent bans from Expanded, and I am wondering is there any chance that we will get to see the same great bans come to standard?

I'm not interested in playing a game where I have absolutely no ability to react to someone who can thin my hand out completely without recourse. Ya ya, luck of the draw, cut, search, acrobike, then more gusting and dedenne changing then yet more draw, to wittle me down before I can even do anything.

This isn't MTG, I can't react to their actions on their turn.

I don't mind losing but all these control decks will take over just like in japan.


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don't believe there's been a standard card banned since at least the ruby/sapphire block if not earlier.

as for hand whittling, don't think there too many of those cards in standard, and if the new turn 1 no supporter rule happens here, you'll get at least a turn to set up.


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I don't think a card will be banned in Standard - but if it were to be, I immediately nominate Welder. Problem is, while Welder is horribly broken, it also exists in a Standard that's not very interesting and rather toxic (thanks, Tag Teams) and banning her will just be a "feel-good" ban, not an actual improvement.

The Turn-1 supporter limitation is coming very soon and is, in theory, geared towards limiting crazy set-ups. In reality, it's made to shift more copies of Dedenne GX. There's hope that they'll stop releasing these types of effects in SwSh and let supporters be supporters, but I would not hold my breath. They've just released both Dedenne GX and Mismagius.


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It isn't common, but yes, cards have been banned from the Standard Format before. I mean, when the first cards ever were banned, there was only Standard... though for reasons I won't get into we called "Standard" the "Modified" Format at the time. Fast-forward to something more recent, and I can easily remember one card being banned from the Standard Format (and the Expanded Format as well). So, the three I can remember off the top of my head are:
  • Sneasel (Neo Genesis 25/111)
  • Slowking (Neo Genesis 14/111)
  • Lysandre's Trump Card
Sneasel was banned from the "Rocket-On Modified" Format technically before it was even a thing. Slowking was banned about a year and a half later, I think; at the very least, it was the next Standard Format (Neon Modified), though it really should have been banned the entire time or received an errata (all non-Japanese versions of Slowking have a massive error that made it crazy strong). Lysandre's Trump Card is what brought the ban list back! The only cards banned between Slowking and Lysandre's Trump Card weren't Format wide bans: ________'s Pikachu and "Ancient" Mew from the Unlimited Format (the latter is no longer banned because you can't play foreign language cards anymore), and I think there was a Professor Cup or two that had special rules - like "No Rare Cards" that also required certain things be banned. Maybe a few temporary bans because of other issues (distribution, pending errata, etc.).

At this point, I am uncertain what should or should not be banned for the short term health of the game. For the long term health, probably a lot. XD