Fun Discord Bot: Card Buddy!


Aspiring Trainer
Hey fellow Pokemon Trainers!

I've been heavily in love with the Pokemon Trading Card Game for years, but recently just started taking it seriously and playing it.

I have joined many discords around PTCG and having to look up specific cards on Google to find a good quality picture to share with the folks during the discussion to be pretty annoying.
To solve this problem, I've created Card Buddy!

I'm hoping to expand and add more commands, but currently have the following:

$set : Prints out information about the set you are asking about!

$card : Displays a picture of the card in that set! (If you're doing GX or EX you need to do -EX or -GX after the name)

$altArt : Displays the alt arts of the specific GX / EX card! (Remember you need to do -EX or -GX after the name)

Feel free to add it to your discord community! I would love to get feedback and more ideas to grow this bot into something more for this community!!

It's powered via which is an open source Pokemon TCG API created by Andrew Backes.