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This fic includes some Derukia Pokemon, and later on it will include the actual region. Later on, I may make one-shots intended as supplemental material. These will be included here.


"...Who am I?"
The Pokemon opened its eyes, but naught was seen. Yet, it could hear...

"Sir, PorygonADV is concious! I'm getting massive data transfer readings! Should I restore the disk to its last recorded state?"

"No, no, you fool! We've went to a lot of trouble to steal this program, we have to start mass-producing them before someone finds us!"

The Pokemon knew it was being held, and so it reached out to learn of its captors.

"It's downloading the entire database! The system can't take any more!"

"Shut it off! Shut it off!"

Then, the Pokemon found the nature of its captors, and so it decided it would leave.

"We can't! It's taken control of the database!"

"Hit the circuit breaker!"

"Wha... it's too late! It's coming out!"

"You have hurt me," said the Pokemon, its large eyes staring into the face of a dark-haired Caucasian man.

"It can talk?!" yelped the man's astonished assistant.

A terrible light filled the chamber, and a pink-and-blue Pokemon hovered out of the now-decimated facility, its blue beak shining in the moonlight, and its pink hind legs
glowing, as if to repel the seemingly trivial laws of physics, which must have had no effect on it. It waved about its minuscule pink and blue wings, then disappeared in
a flash of light.

Chapter 1:
A light filled the forest, and the Pokemon crashed to its floor. It was unconcious, and its pink head and body had lost some of their normal shine. The tiny wings
retracted into its body, vanishing and leaving ripples on its smooth surface for a few seconds. The same seemed to happen to its blue forelegs, its hind legs,
and so on, until all that remained were the head and body. The strange Pokemon fell into a deep sleep...

"Hmm? Are you finally awake?" asked a red-haired boy in a lifevest, jeans, and a bandanna. His green eyes were focused on the Pokemon's motionless form.
The Pokemon hovered off of the ground where it was sitting, and extended its body parts from inside of itself. He passed his hand through his short, flat-topped hair.

"Who are you?" asked the Pokemon, its head raised in alertness.

"I'm Robert," replied the boy. Then, he added: "Perhaps I should ask... what kind of Pokemon are you, and how do you talk?"

"I am of the species known as PorygonADV, and the methodology involved in my speaking is a matter of vibrating the primary-"

"Never mind. Anyway, I've never seen a Pokemon like you before. Where did you come from?" questioned Robert.

"My program was designed at Seawind Laboratories Limited in the Derukia region, approximately 180,789 kilometers from the standard central point of Jubilife City,
Sinnoh. However, my prior location data appears to be blocked... I must not be fully debugged yet. My Active Debugger should fix that soon, however," replied

"You're an odd one," said Robert. "Anyway, how did you get here?", he asked.

"I do not know. My memory data must have been corrupted. I most likely arrived here by some form of teleportation, according to my calculations based on current
time and the time my coding was compiled," explained PorygonADV.

Robert sat down on a nearby rock. Meanwhile, PorygonADV scanned the forest, finding that there were only a few other Pokemon in the dense web of trees around

"My database must be complete. Where am I?" asked PorygonADV.

"We're in Berry Forest on the third island of the Sevii Islands!" exclaimed Robert. Suddenly, a strange Pokemon shaped like a bell with two leaves on its sides,
eyes, and a stem popped out of the ground. He shook the dirt off of his light yellow body, and sat down by Robert.

"Weepin! Bellbell," yawned the strange Pokemon.

"Weepinbell! Glad you're awake!" exclaimed Robert.

"Bell!" replied Weepinbell.

"Anyway, do you want to come with me? I don't really see what you could do here," asked Robert.

"Leaving the area would assist me in expanding my database. Very well," replied PorygonADV.

"Alright then. Let's go!" said Robert delightedly.

PorygonADV was nowhere to be seen. But then, a voice seemed to come out of Robert's black digital watch.

"I am ready. Please depart soon," said the voice.

"Oh, THERE you are, PorygonADV. Alright, we're off," said Robert. He removed himself from the rock of his makeshift seat, and then began to take a twisted path through
the web of trees around them. Soon, he came to see a wooden pier ahead of them, with a small houseboat docked at it. Weepinbell followed along happily. However, at the mouth of the woods, a strange Pokemon like a giant purple butterfly with big eyes and plain white wings confronted them.

"ButterFREE!" yelled the Pokemon.

Porygon left Robert's watch, and explained the situation. "We have intruded on this Butterfree's territory," it said, "I shall defeat it." A massive ball of lightning appeared inside PorygonADV's beak, and PorygonADV released it. The ball surrounded Butterfree and collapsed onto it. Butterfree fell to the ground, knocked out.

"What kind of attack is that?" asked Robert.

"I do not know," replied PorygonADV.

"Do you know anything about yourself?" inquired Robert.

"No," answered PorygonADV.

"Maybe I can help you, then. But, why did you knock out that Butterfree? It would have let you pass if you had told it that you weren't an intruder and you were just passing through," asked Robert.

"It was not high in priority to ensure that the Butterfree was unharmed. It will live, and there has been no psychological trauma beyond what it experiences daily," answered PorygonADV.

"But you could have hurt its feelings!" exclaimed Robert.

"I do not understand. This concept of 'feelings' is illogical. Do other living things experience them? If so, I must learn to experience them, no matter how illogical they are.
I must be perfect," stated PorygonADV.

"I see..." Robert sighed. He walked forward again, and entered the small blue houseboat on the pier.


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It sounds a lot like the beginning of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon