Dimensional Valley (and Mew EX)

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  1. Pipotchi Aspiring Trainer


    Hey guys, so I'm not sure if this warrants a thread but there is a card coming up which I am very excited to hear about- Dimensional Valley.
    This card I feel has some very big potential even though its effect seems small at first- it makes a lot of psychic type attackers gain much more efficient attacks- even supporting psychic pokemon (pretty notorious for their horrible energy costs) such as trevenant suddenly get an attack which deals 100 cumulative damage for [P][C] which actually is not too bad at all.

    For anyone who does not know the effect of the card:

    "Dimensional Valley – Trainer

    Each player’s Psychic Pokemon pays 1 [C] less to attack."

    I was hoping we could discuss its uses before it comes out. If this thread type is not allowed or not warranted then hopefully a mod can delete it, but for now I will post the first thing that came to mind- Mew EX.

    Mew EX is a special card because it can use the attacks of any other pokemon on the field, and should be able to use the cheaper attack granted it from Dimensional valley for any move in the game. That means mew can hit those turn 1 Evil Balls, Powerful friends for 0 energy, circle circuits for 1 energy, and various other things that I'm sure I don't know about from cards that might otherwise not be considered that good. It could use raticate's super fang + laser combo for just a dce, which would speed up that strategy a lot (as well as have an attacker which doesn't have 60hp).

    Other mons which I could see benefiting quite a lot from this card are toxicroak EX (attack for one [C]), sigilyph (attack for one dce), and mewtwo EX (120 for 2 energy is good, and can xball with any energy card)

    Im not really that experienced with the card game which is partly why I'm making this thread. I know it'll probably only be a rogue deck at best, but does anyone else see a lot of potential in this card and would like to share it?

  2. DevinTheWelf A Mach Punch User


    I'm 100% sure Dimensional Valley will get a bunch of hype once we start seeing more of the Psychic type Pokemon coming out in the next set, but until then there's still some cards to look at. As you said, Trevenant and Mew EX look like 2 cards that could make great use of this Stadium, but I think Trevenant will be used a lot more opposed to Mew EX (Mew EX can barley take a hit and is KO'd for 2 prizes). I've already seen and battled a few Trevenant decks and they can be pretty scary, so with this Stadium and what ever type of Psychic boost/support we get from XY4, Trevenant MAY be up in the top tier decks (I say MAY because it's a long shot, but who knows what the next set will bring).
  3. skullvarnish Rocket's M Venusaur EXLV.X☆exPrimeSPDelta Species


    This card will be great if we get a good Psychic that doesn't attack for Double Colorless. If the energy requirement for an attack includes Double Colorless, then you'd just use DCE over this.
  4. RafBlast Aspiring Trainer


    Yep although it could help speed up some things. Like there are situations were you start out with Mewtwo EX but no DCE but yes with some basic energies so with that stadium you can start dishing out dmg right away. I think it's gonna be a great card and open up a world of possibilities and sometimes it will be great for rare situational moments to.
  5. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    So...emerald slash for 1 energy anyone?
  6. skullvarnish Rocket's M Venusaur EXLV.X☆exPrimeSPDelta Species


    Only works with Psychic Pokemon.
  7. AlexanderTheAwesome Go! Chandelure!


    I don't think you understand what this thread is about.

    Dimensional valley makes psychic pokemon pay one less C to attack. The whole point is using. Mew EX to copy other Pokemons attacks and use them for one less C energy. So you use Mew to Emerald Slash for one.
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  8. Auride Periodic Visitor


    I don't see using Mew-EX to emerald slash being very advantageous. It requires you go second to even be worthwhile, and takes the same number of cards as the competing solution.

    Mew-EX requires Virizion-EX benched + Dimensional Valley.
    -Pros: Fewer Resources Wasted, alternate weakness
    -Cons: You end up with a flimsy EX in play which is just asking to get KO'd, you waste an extra bench spot

    And the other requires Plasma Badge + Colress Machine
    -Pros: Your active Pokemon isn't asking to get one-shot for two prizes
    -Cons: You waste a plasma energy and an opportunity for extra damage with a muscle band

    They both require some specific starter and a grass energy, so that's moot.

    Obviously, we don't see the latter solution in play nowadays anyway, so I'm pretty eager to say that we won't see Mew-EX either, at least not in Virizion/Genesect.

    But who knows...
  9. pokedan24 Aspiring Trainer


    Heck yeah. I was actually thinking of a deck using Toxicroak (revenge) with this stadium, but in a VirGen deck. I thought it was stupid because the stadium could actually benefit the opponent more, but with Mex EX it makes sense and makes it much much easier to start accelerating energy (especially if you're going second). It also lets you Megalo for just 2 grass.

    Other similar attack costs are Yveltal EX's Evil Ball and Absol's Mind Jack.
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  10. skullvarnish Rocket's M Venusaur EXLV.X☆exPrimeSPDelta Species


    That's cool and all, but not only is Mew EX extremely fragile, such a deck sounds insanely clunky.

    Also thanks for the condescending tone. It was totally necessary to explain tome how the card works when it was very clear I understood already. I just forgot we were discussing Mew EX,which again,sounds ridiculously not worth it.
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  11. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    I said turn 1 as an example. If I ran MewVirGen and I won the coin flip I would always say to go first. Having an attachment is always good, even if you attack second. If I'm against yveltal, I want to go first to minimize the chance of a laser hit (they most likely aren't getting a T1 anything in next format). But if I go second I'm still getting 2 more energy into play turn 1, so its a win-win situation. And Mew was flimsy until dimensional valley. Yes the psychic weakness is bad, but, just from looking at the set so far, the psychic types don't look that good. I think it can abuse VirGen with all of Genesects shenanigans really well.
  12. Pipotchi Aspiring Trainer


    Perhaps you could use a combination of mew EX and dedenne to counter the two annoying as hell energy attackers mewtwo EX and yveltal EX since mew can copy dedenne's attack and use it for 0 energy. Dedenne can ohko a yveltal with a silver bangle if it has 3 energy on it, while mew EX can ohko mewtwo EX with 3 energy on it if it is holding a muscle band and can use a hypnolaser/ if mewtwo took 10 dmg prior. I guess mew could copy x ball too and ko, but this way would be energyless. It could achieve the same ohko on mewtwo by copying xball if mewtwo had 2 energy on it instead of 3, but this would require an energy.

    When dimensional valley comes out one of the first things I want to try is plasma trevenant. with plasma badge, deoxys ex on the bench and dimensional valley in play, trevenant can set up in 1 turn with colress machine and psychic energy and start hitting for 60 + 20 + 20, plus 10 for each deoxys on the bench. That could be 140 cumulative damage every turn, plus my opponent will not be able to use item cards which could be devastating considering the deck could set up quite quickly.
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  13. AlexanderTheAwesome Go! Chandelure!


    That's a good idea as far as Mewtwo counter goes. Not to mention, you could also Entrainment for free T1.
  14. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    Why would you use an EX to use dedenne's attack? Thats sacrificing an ex opposed to a weak basic-non ex.
    Entrainment for no energy is tempting, but honestly I don't think (depending on the deck) that is necessary.
    In some situations (like the VirGen one) I'd rather have a Mew Ex active instead of Virizion for 1 energy attacks, and they are both EXs so the prize tradeoff is the same. In the situation against Mewtwo or Yveltal I'd rather have dedenne active and make the Mew EX finish off a 2HKO or hit the next active pokemon.
  15. AlexanderTheAwesome Go! Chandelure!


    It was more about oh ohkoing an opposing Mewtwo.
  16. Pipotchi Aspiring Trainer


    Just cus mew EX can use dedenne's attack but with a psychic typing and therefore can ohko a mewtwo ex, or any other psychic type with 3 energy on it with a little extra support, and for no energy. dedenne has lightning typing so it can ohko yveltal in similar fashion. Together they are a very cheap answer to 2 very strong and common pokemon or so I thought. It makes no sense to sacrifice dedenne if mew EX is getting an ohko
  17. stormESP Aspiring Trainer


    And Mew EX can not only hit Mewtwo EX, it can hit for weakness a lot of the new Fighting monsters like Lucario EX.
  18. Camoclone TCG Articles Head

    Forum Mod Articles Head Activities Head Member

    Mew EX can also be easily OHKO'd by Mewtwo and Fighting types.
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  19. pokedan24 Aspiring Trainer


    If anyone's brave enough to try tool drop, the stadium should make it a lot easier.
  20. http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608052023728080376&pid=15.1&H=192&W=160

    I don't think that's going to happen... (as much as I'd love it to)

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