'Detective Pikachu' Live Action Pokemon Movie Trailer Released!


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Not sure how much I like how the Pokemon look. This definitely looks interesting though.


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Pokemon in the real world? Is Michael Vick a Gym Leader in this movie?


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Oh my. I knew a Detective Pikachu movie was coming but I did not expect the Pokemon characters to have that "realistic" look. I mean I guess it makes sense given that it's a live action film, it's just the kind of design I've seen fanmade usually. I'm not exactly a movie kind of person, but I still might give it a watch if the opportunity and / or if I care enough.


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I am so ridiculously hyped. It's actually happening.

I like how they look for the most part. I've seen a lot of weird Pokemon CGI mockups and realistic pokemon art, and it definitely could have turned out worse.

It's hard to find a good medium between overly realistic (pikachu being exactly a mouse), and realisticly creepy.
I like that they kept it closer to a more cartoon look, and they still have realistic features (fur/eyes/scales etc). Pokemon just dont look right if they're too close to realism. Seriously, I dont think anyone could make a CG Mr. Mime without it looking at least mildly unsettling.

I'm going to be hyped no matter what.
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I saw this on the front page and for a hot minute I thought Pokémon was going to make a horror movie


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When they first announced they were doing a live action pokémon movie and it was going to be centered around Detective Pikachu, I was skeptical.

Then they said Ryan Reynolds would be voicing Pikachu I was like, "Ok, I like him, but no way this is happening."

Then they promoted it at Worlds last year and I was like, "Man, this is going a long way for a joke."

Then this trailer dropped....

I never realized how bad I needed this in my life. All my skepticism and generally negative view of the world melted away for those few minutes and I realized that not only do I need to see this movie at the first possible screening that I will be paying extra for 3D.


that mr mime is very expressive for a pixel drawing turned 3d model turned realistically shaded cgi creature.


I’m definitely hyped for this. Looks awesome. And funny

Totally getting shrek vibes. Always love buddy comedies


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It looks awesome.

So much fur on Pikachu though. Do they make the fur all stand on end when he zaps people?


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The one thing I didn't like about the trailer was how they spend so much time on establishing that only Tim can understand Pikachu. We can totally get the point without spending 33 seconds on it. I'd rather they spend a bit more time on the actual plot of the movie, i.e. his father's disappearance. I know cute Pikachu bring people to the theater, but this is a detective movie so it should have a bit of a suspense element to it, and their trailer doesn't really do much in that regard. What was his father investigating? Why would it (almost) get him killed? All we can see is him crawling out of a burning car and Tim / Pikachu being attacked by two Greninja and a Charizard. There's nothing about the actual plot of the story and we don't even get a glimpse of the primary antagonist.