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Standard Deck Spotlight | Super Fighting Silvally! (Video)


Wanderer | Lvl.2
Hello everyone~

I've been playtesting a new list, featuring Buzzwole/Silvally!

This deck utilizes some new and interesting cards, and has a lot of room for customization~

This customization allows you to play two different styles; one focusing on Buzzwole's Jet Punch, and the other on accelerating energy for Knuckle Impact.

Here's an example skeleton/starting point for the list(s):

  • 2-3 Type: Null
  • 2 Silvally-GX
  • 0-2 Zygarde-EX
  • 2-3 Buzzwole-GX
  • 2-3 Tapu-Lele-GX
  • 0-1 Oranguru
  • 0/3 Regirock-EX
  • 0-1 Espeon-EX
Trainer Cards
  • 4 Sycamore
  • 4 N
  • 3-4 Guzma
  • 1 Lillie
  • 1 Skyla
  • 1 Acerola
  • 1 Pokemon Center Lady
  • 3 Fighting Fury Belt
  • 3-4 Ultra Ball
  • 1 Brigette // 2 Brooklet Hill (for Regirock)
  • 0-4 Max Elixir
  • 4-11 Fighting Energy
  • 0-4 Strong Energy
  • 0-4 Double Colorless Energy
Summary and Explanation:
Increasing and changing the amount of your attackers, well more or less determine which deck you end up with.

I prefer the "Turbo OHKO" variant, over the spread one.
For this, you'll probably want a 2-2 split of Zygarde and Buzzwole.
My Pokemon list ended up looking like this:
  • 3 Type: Null
  • 2 Silvally
  • 2 Zygarde-EX
  • 2 Buzzwole-GX
  • 2 Tapu Lele-GX
  • 3 Regirock-EX

    Though, the rest of the list is tricky to optimize... and I might even change it to a 3 Buzzwole - 1 Zygarde split...

    Feedback is always appreciated!~