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Im a new member to this site and need some help designing a deck for casual play.
The main focus pokemon is Dialga G,
I want to create a deck that induces rage. So, i need a consistent decklist involving cards from any set.
Crushing hammer, team flare grunt, energy removal are cards id really like to use repeatedly. So opponent cant play any trainers, and i take their energy away constantly.

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Not sure I can help with a deck list, but this does not seem like a good idea if you want to keep friends. Control is never a fun deck to play against, as it can essentially shut down your ability to do anything. An effective control deck is even worse. If your opponent sets up the perfect board, you might as well scoop. If you're just playing with friends, they will quickly stop playing with you (and perhaps even stop talking to you) until you stop playing control. And if you spent money on actual cards, that money was wasted. I'm also worried about the fact that you explicitly requested help constructing a deck that induces rage. I don't know what the context is, and the context is none of my business, but whatever the objective is, it's not worth it.
Also, if there are any rules that you and your opponent's have agreed to in advance, Dialga G is not going to work. For one thing, unless you are using alternative rulings, Dialga G will only turn off Poke Bodies, not Poke Powers, Abilities, and Pokemon Powers. And for another thing, Dialga G is going to be a hard Pokemon to work around.