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    Hi everyone I recently have been asked by my 6 year old brother if I would make him a deck. I have been playing the Pokemon Card game for almost six years (on a competitive level for about a year and a half) and I honestly am not quite sure what the best way to teach him is. I have thought about a theme deck but he has really insisted he wanted me to use his Dawns Wing Necrozma GX. My first instinct was to make a Malamar Box deck but I wanted to make him deck that is simple. I want to teach him how to play without giving him a headache or confusing him. Help would really be appreciated.
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    I've taught quite a few six year olds, and I'd say the keys are:

    1. Use the Pokémon they want to use.
    2. Make a deck that doesn't require abilities or similar, at first
    3. Use supporters and items that are fairly straightforward
    4. Don't use too many cards that require shuffling

    For DW Necrozma, I'd try to keep it simple; focus on Psychic Pokémon. Necrozma (UNM) is one that the kids enjoy, for example. Then just see if he has any other favorite Pokémon, and maybe included those - if he likes MewTwo you can use the UNB MewTwo (it has an ability, but it's not critical). Say 12 pokémon in total, or a bit more, kids tend to do better with fewer mulligans as those take forever.

    Then add something like:

    10 Supporters:
    Cynthia x2
    Hau x2
    Professor Kukui x2
    Lillie x2
    Judge x2

    24 Items:
    Switch x4
    Escape Rope x2
    Escape Board x2

    Acro Bike x4

    Rescue Stretcher x2
    Nest Ball x4
    Mysterious Treasure x2

    Choice Band x2
    Vitality Band x2

    14 Psychic Energy

    That balances easy to use cards, some but not too many strategic decisions (some are really obvious, like "Choice or vitality band" which hopefully he can figure out; some are a little more complex, like Acro Bike choices), not too much shuffling balanced with consistency (some Pokémon search, and Cynthia/Judge, but not any else) since shuffling is the bane of the six year old; some "fun-killer avoiders" (all that switch/etc. stuff in particular, worst thing is having a Pokémon stuck in active as a kid), and some "fun" (Judge, in particular, is just fun to play on your opponent). Most of the supporters give more cards (Yes, Hau is in there, you can switch for 2 more Kukui if it hurts your brain, but at this age 3 more cards is really nice).

    If he really struggles with shuffling dump the Cynthia and Judge for Hau and Kukui, and dump some of the Pokémon search (but not all) for more Pokémon.

    That's just a skeleton, do what you want around that for sure - just focus on simple to pilot, but not zero choices, and no complex mechanics - especially no abilities. It doesn't have to be a world beater - maybe make it around the level of a "good" theme deck, or even a "double" theme deck (where you take 2 theme decks and use the cards to make one good deck), and then play with theme decks against him. Over time he'll get better and you can give him better cards!
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  4. treeckonation Treecko is a good pokemon


    have them pick cards out and you try to make the best possible strategy for those cards like the Malamar

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