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Standard Dark Horse (Alt. Dark Box)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Altmaker, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Altmaker Aspiring Trainer


    Hey guys, new to posting on here, I’ve loved reading and testing a few of the decks I’ve seen and would like to contribute my own. I’ll post a few for review, the first being this dark deck I’ve been aiming to improve the consistency of.

    deck list as follows:

    Pokemon (18)

    1 Hoopa GX
    2 Mega Sableye & Tyrannitar GX
    2 Umbreon & Darkrai GX
    4 sneasel
    2 Weavile GX
    4 Poipole
    3 Naganadel

    Trainers (28)

    3 Cherish Ball
    4 Mysterious Treasure
    2 Reset Stamp
    3 Counter Catcher
    2 Switch
    3 Dark City
    1 Dark Market
    3 Cynthia
    3 Lillie
    2 Hapu
    2 Red’s Challenge
    2 Pokemon fan club

    Energy (12)

    Dark Energy

    A good hand looks like getting Sneasel, Hoopa and 1/2 Poipole on the bench turn one.
    From there discarding opp’s energy with sneaky ambush with Sneasel, or searching for Nags/Hapu with Hoopa.
    Hapu/Mysterious treasure/Reds challenge turn 2/3 to get energy into discard pile, using Nag to suck em out, cherish ball for Weavile and move the energy to whomever is to attack (Umbreon/Hoopa optimally)
    Retreating back and messing with turns with Dark city/reset stamp/Umbreon GX move to disrupt and deny prizes. Dark Market for incase of inevitable KO to limit hurt.
    once enough energy out move about freely, put enough on mega sab and use gx, disrupt with Umbreon gx etc....

    Thinking of adding Darkrai prism, wouldn’t mind some more consistency in early start up. Any tips/techs appreciated.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019

  2. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi Altmaker,

    Nice deck. Not sure on Mega Sableye and Tyranitar GX in the list with the availability of better cards in the new set such as Guzzlord. Also consider to run Tag Whistle over Cherish Ball since it can also be used to search out Umbreon and Darkrai GX in addition to Red and Blue.

    Pokémon (16):
    3 Umbreon & Darkrai GX (beatdown)
    3 Guzzlord SM11a (beatdown)
    2 Naganadel SM7 (accelerate)
    2 Poipole SM7 (evolution)
    3 Weavile SM12 (control)
    3 Sneasel SM5 (evolve)

    Trainer (32):
    2 Red and Blue (acceleration)
    3 Cynthia & Cailtin (draw)
    3 Cynthia (draw)
    4 Lillie (draw)
    3 Pokémon Communication (search)
    3 Mysterious Treasure (search)
    1 Reset Stamp (disruption)
    2 Great Catcher (control)
    3 Beast Ring (accelerate)
    4 Tag Whistle (search)
    1 Black Market Prism (enable)
    3 Dark City (retreat)

    Energy (12):
    12 Darkness Energy

    The list above differs from the original one in minor points that could make an impact. Guzzlord is an amazing card that hits for a solid 120 damage and allows you to take an extra prize card when the opponent is knocked out by damage from this attack for four energy cards. Compared to Mega Sableye and Tyranitar Gx this card requires less effort and gives the deck an advantage when faced with Malamar variants. Guzzlord also combos well with Umbreon and Darkrai Gx. You could use a single Mega Sableye and Tyranitar GX either instead of the third Umbreon and Darkrai GX or instead of the third Guzzlord GX. However, I am not sure whether he is still needed.
    Cynthia and Caitlin are an awesome draw supporter that allows you to discard and recycle used supporters in your discard pile. On top of that it can be searched out with Tag whistle similar to Red and Blue. Tag Whistle could be used instead of Cherish Ball to search out two Tag Team cards at once. Note that this also includes the two different Tag Team supporter cards proposed in the deck above. Compared to Custom Catcher Great Catcher requires less effort and consumes less deck space. On the other hand it is limited to dragging off Pokémon GX and Pokémon EX from the opponent's bench. Given that deck space is values in Black Box I would consider this limitation to be reasonable. Those are just a few initial ideas. Hope this provides some assistance.
  3. Deathfinch The Great


    try and find space for 1 mew3 maybe

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