Discussion Dallas Regional Day 1: what do you want your 9 rounds to look like?

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Merovingian, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Merovingian Gesture to yourself. Berries and cream!

    Articles Staff Member

    Everyone is bringing the spice...or Zoroark. Or both. I don’t know.

    What do you want your 9 rounds of Day 1 at Dallas look like, without revealing what you’re playing?

    I, no joke, want 9 rounds of Zoroark-GX
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  2. Braiden1235 Aspiring Trainer

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    I would also like my 9 rounds to consist of back to back zoroark.
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  3. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    I hope the people playing the cancer exodia deck have to build a different deck after the engine gets banned on the 16th

    Other than that I hope I see some fun decks that dont involve trees
  4. Braiden1235 Aspiring Trainer

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    Wait what's getting banned?
  5. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Nothing is for sure getting banned but the next possible day for bans is on the 16th before Dallas regionals
  6. Merovingian Gesture to yourself. Berries and cream!

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    The last time they banned any cards. They made the announcement in July, and the cards themselves were banned from sanctioned play ONE MONTH later.

    An emergency ban COULD happen, but considering the time that had taken place between Anaheim to now, something would have been done already.

    Don’t get your hopes up that Exodia will be dead for Dallas
  7. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

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    Sorry man, but Exodia lives on.
    I'm not going to Dallas, but if I was I'd want to face 9 power decks.
  8. Lord Goomy It’s the Beast Game.
    Lord Goomy


    Anything that’s NOT 9 DAMAGE UNOWNS.
    So yes, preferably Zoroark. I find it the least troubling, and I play Silvally GX with Fighting Memory, soo...
  9. Matux Aspiring Trainer


    A mirror of Zoroark Control for sure, to help viewers enjoy the stream
  10. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Finished 5-3-1 myself almost topped dumbly enough I lost to 2 zoro/garb decks because of dead draw and a blastoise deck. Everything else I played was buzz and zoro and one hitmontop. I played lucario
  11. Merovingian Gesture to yourself. Berries and cream!

    Articles Staff Member

    I went 5-3-1 with "Bootleg" Shock Lock.

    Rayquaza-GX - WW
    Primal Groudon - LL
    ZoroPod - LL (the ONE Zoro variant my deck can't handle well and I hit it. The fact that he used AZ in his build pretty much spelled doom anyway.)
    Garchomp - WW
    Blacephalon-GX - LWT
    Rayquaza-GX - LWW
    Rayquaza-GX - LWW
    Buzzwole-GX - LWL
    Durant - W

    I almost won G2 against Primal Groudon and it would have gone to time had N to 2 would have stuck. He hit the absolute nuts by drawing Float Stone AND Guzma.

    Had Handiwork flips not been so bad, I would have won in the Blacephalon-GX matchup

    Almost beat Buzzwole-GX in game 3. I had used Get Lost on one Guzma and was shooting for the other. Had lock in place and was shooting at his deck with Handiwork and hitting him with N to 1 whenever he hit any draw. I had Girafarig and an energy in hand ready to go if I hit the Guzma. I N him to 1, he draws the Guzma.

    I could taste Day 2. Aside from the ZoroPod matchup, it was narrow losses.

    Hardest match was the second Rayquaza-GX deck run by Tristan Fearing. That game was incredibly intense. I can safely say that neither of us misplayed and it was an absolute slugfest. Tristan had a Top 8 Regional mat from Roanoke and I was convinced that I was going to get rocked.

    Weirdest match was Durant. I've played the deck so I was familiar with the strategy and that it tends to burn itself out. Which is something a "looping" deck likes to know. I won game one, but we didn't finish game 2 because I got, I want to say, 20 double heads on Team Rocket's Handiwork in that game alone and ended up using some weird strategies to keep myself afloat and to get him to burn resources and give myself some breathing room.

    What did you use?
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  12. Lord Goomy It’s the Beast Game.
    Lord Goomy


    R1: L/L vs. Zoroark Toolbox. The player was top 4 at Madison (kudos) and I hit for weakness. Should’ve been fine, but experience outranks everything.
    R2: L/T vs. Trevenant BREAK. I had Weavile (ULP) etched in for JUST THIS MATCHUP, but Alolan Muk killed my Ditto <> before I could evolve.
    R3: L/W/L vs. Drampa/Garbodor. I had the most exhilarating match of my life here. We were both going so fast you’d think someone said there were only 30 seconds left in the match. The first match was actually up for debate: we didn’t write down who won, and I remember him scooping, and he remembers me losing. I eventually let him have the game.
    R4: L/L vs. Blacephalon/Naganadel. This one would have been SO EASY had Water Memory come out, but of course not. Good match, though.
    R5: W/W vs. Zoropod. Is it weird I like playing losing games better than winning games? Because I can’t really say I had much fun here. Good match, but not really a fun match.
    R6: L/W/L vs. Bees. Not a matchup I actually was expecting, but I figured since I OHKO with no Memories, it’ll be fine. The deck ended up out-prize-trading me and took the sick dub.
    R7: L/W/T vs. Zoropod. We eventually ran out of time for the third match. My opponent was a pretty fun dude, and I ended up having a lot of fun.
    So, that leaves me at the final results of 1/5/1, which made my ranking:
    94/98. I was SO CLOSE to the Bottom 4 Cut, and if I scooped the last match, I just would have made it.
    Now I wanna travel and go to another one...

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