Discussion Cynthia vs. Sycamore


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With the new expansion out, I wanted to know everyone's opinion on the new Cynthia card we got. Do you think it might be as good, if not better, than Sycamore? What do you all think?


The wise fool?
Cynthia joins N and Professor Sycamore to create a trinity of core draw Supporters. This isn't just idle speculation or early testing; Cynthia has the same effect as the HS-era card Professor Oak's New Theory. It co-existed with N and Professor Juniper when they were both new, as well as in the Legacy Format of the PTCGO. In other words, it has already happened before.


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Fast decks that take prizes early can forgo N for Cynthia

Decks with lots of disruption or valuable resources can forgo sycamore

Decks that want tons of draw can use all 3 to varying amounts

It is worth mentioning N will always have purpose but with zoroark and Octillery based decks being all the rage it's possible N is less worth it than cynthia personally I've been splitting N and Cynthia for the moment except in greninja and volcanion where I use pretty much zero sycamore or N respectively