Cutiefly, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Drampa, Togedemaru, Bruxish, and Tapu Koko Revealed!

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    In case anyone wants to see the videos, and doesn't feel like looking for them, they're on YouTube:

    This is Cutiefly; the rest should be in the suggested videos.
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  2. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    The neverending storyyyyyyyyyyyyy na na naaaa na na naaaaa na na naaaaaaaaa!

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  3. Giratinous Cube six menacing points
    Giratinous Cube


    For those unaware of what a "bee fly" (actually a fly that parasitizes bee and wasp larvae!) looks like:


    Didn't take much work to turn it into a Pokemon.
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  4. Turquoise Greenish-Blue Trainer (?)


    Out of all pokemon here, Tapu Koko is definitely my favourite. I don't know yet how I feel about the others, especially that fish and grandpa dragon. Let's hope they'll grow on me real quick. : )
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  5. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    These new Pokémon are great, oh gosh how I love them.

    Prediction time: it looks like, if Tapu Koko closes his "wings", he will gain the shape of the head of a totem. Every island of Alola has a guardian Pokémon. Imagine if all of them can be a piece of a totem when they close their body parts. It could be cool :p
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  6. Dark Crimson Aspiring Trainer
    Dark Crimson


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  7. Athena Envoy of Mediation

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    So happy these leaks are real. I really do love that super cute dragon guy. I will buy all the plushies of him. All of them. YEAH.
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  8. Nahiri Never gonna be President now


    Well, I'm glad I warmed up to them LOL. Drampa and Cutiefly are definitely my faves from this wave.
    Also, I was not expecting Steel for the little sparking hedgehog. Cool combo tho!
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  9. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Those poor Spearow :'(
    My opinion on Drampa still haven't changed, but I like that Charjabug actually has eyes under the "battery eyes." Also, I've warmed so much up to Bruxish, that I might consider using one on my team, if it evolves.
    Not expecting Electric/Fairy on Tapu Koko, kinda saw Electric coming though, seeing as the background is the Electric Terrain background.
  10. Ivy_Profen Aspiring Trainer


    I'm glad they are putting more hawaiian animals. Even though it's super pink and purple.
  11. Zainnulabdinn Aspiring Trainer


    True level of ugliness charjabug, drampa and bruxish they look really bad like stupid.
  12. Jaime Runt Aspiring Trainer
    Jaime Runt


    I totally love cutiefly and Dramba, hate charjabug and feel ok about the rest. I want to see some artwork to really know what some of these really look like. That could help me warm up a bit more to the electric type bugs.

    EDIT: Just saw the artwork and yep, I love them all now.
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  13. Reinforce Light has come to save you at last...


    That's pleasantly surprising news to see coming home from work.

    Cutiefly is a new, unique type and that's always good and exciting to see. When I skimmed the whole article, I noticed that a lot of them are Fairy types; I suppose Gamefreak is trying to increase their number.

    Charjabug and Vikavolt look cool, though Joltik/Galvantula are still the better Bug/Electric types for me. Also judging by just the design Vikavolt looks related to Eelektrik/Eelektros due to the same color scheme and levitation.

    Grandpa Drampa looks hilarious, and reminds me of a certain hilarious character from Buddyfight when I see those yellow "arcs" as its eyes and its snout forming a small or tight-lipped smile, so I imagine its expression is a closed-eye smile Another unique type too. It's difficult to judge for now, but for some reason I get the notion that it might be a single-stage Dragon ala Druddigon.

    I want to see Togedemaru roll over a lot like Spheal.

    Bruxish is most likely going to be a defensive Water type in the vein of Alomomola regardless of the teeth, with what looks like to be an interesting useful Ability.

    Tapu Koko is the most "Hawaiian" Pokemon so far, very cool and inspired design. I like it.
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  14. G-Panthera Panthera's Fiercest Fighter


    A new video has been posted from the Japanese Pokémon site revealing the following typings:

    1. Tapu Koko - Electric/Fairy *Legendary*
    2. Bruxish - Water/Psychic
    3. Drampa - Normal/Dragon (new type combo!)
    4. Cutiefly - Bug/Fairy type (new type combo!)
    5. Grubbin/Charjabug/Vikavolt - Bug/Electric (Vikavolt looks like the Gradius Ship in design in its official art)
    6. Togedemaru - Electric/Steel

    From the rest, guess me and some others guessed correctly that Zygarde 50% also transforms into Zygarde Complete at low HP via its Swarm Change ability. Does this mean Zygarde Complete has a new ability, or just Aura Break?

  15. First off, Drampa looks like Chong, from Cheech and Chong, . The detail and style of all these Pokemon are getting more defined, it's crazy to see how much Pokemon has changed in detail and style from gen 1 until now. I've seen all the leaks and announcements so far through Pokebeach and I have to say, this new generation may be my favorite, aside from gen 2. The entire theme Pokemon has went with is relaxing and refreshing. Ofcourse we'll have one or two designs we don't care for but I think the worst is behind us with ice cream Pokemon...
  16. Turquoise Greenish-Blue Trainer (?)


    Wow, I love the typings. And also, Tapu Koko's japanese name is kinda funny, Kapu Kokeko.

    What I'm curious about is whether Zygarde 50's ability will change or it will receive swarm change as it's hidden ability.
  17. Jaime Runt Aspiring Trainer
    Jaime Runt


    I really hope vikavolt gets no guard as an ability so it can make better use of zap cannon. I wonder if the other "guardians" are getting abilities incorporating misty and grass terrain...
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  18. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    God I love these designs (except for the bee and the Pika clone, but they're OK).

    I so hope that @RealSlim is right and that we get 4 Pokémon to form a totem. Tapu Koko is my favorite from 7th gen so far <3
    Tapu Koko and the others might be Legendary but with Phione-tier BST, making getting them early in the game not so broken. I'd love to see some weaker legendaries for a change.
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  19. CF1994 Aspiring Trainer


    Charjabug and Vikavolt are definitely related to Grubbin. The latter really gives off some Mega Beedrill vibes to me. They're surely a breath of fresh air for what I am assuming is an early route Bug Pokémon. Charjabug looks like a smol minibus to me. It's merely how I feel when looking at it, that's all.

    Drampa may not be our Pseudo-Legendary, since they're usually kept a secret until the game's release. I reckon it will be another new and native Dragon species to the new region, just like Axew, Fraxure, and Haxorus. That's merely my experience from recalling that Axew and Haxorus had been revealed before Black/White were released, and those were not confirmed to be the Pseudo-Legendary of Unova. I'm already coming up with some amusing nicknames after getting Drampa's name implanted into my mind, and they're all related to grandpa.

    Bruxish is most likely our common Water Type Pokémon, akin to Basculin. I would keep my expectations for it's viability neutral, since Basculin does not evolve. I'm getting some Equestria Girls vibes looking at this thing's colours and Ability, since they immediately remind me of each of the Dazzlings the more closely I look at it. I hear it has an Ability that shuts down priority attacks? This can give it a really good niche compared to past generic fish Pokémon.

    Cutiefly is our first Bug/Fairy Type so far. I'm sure it will evolve into something beautiful. We could do with more majestic insects this time around. I'm reminded of the Love/Soul Bubble enemy from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for some reason. It would be hilarious, awesome, and annoying at the same time if this Pokémon could learn an attack that revives your fainted party member. Even if it has just 1 PP, it would completely wreck the metagame. But alas, a man can still dream, right?

    Togedemaru is obviously our Pikaclone for the new region. Not too much for me to say right now, since it's an average regularity to have a Pikaclone at this point. To be honest, after a quick thought, Electric/Steel has the potential to give this thing a defensive niche over it's electrical rodent brethren.

    Tapu Koko is definitely my go-to Guardian Pokémon of this region. It is definitely going to be miles better than Dedenne. With a combo that's bound to be treated even better this generation, this beast could definitely be a nuisance to threats like Azumarill, Mega Pinsir, and Talonflame.

    And it looks like Zygarde 50% can now transform into Zygarde Complete. It's Ability must have been retconned, since the Type Combo probably did no favours for it. It has the stats to take hits much better than it's 10% form, so using it shouldn't be a problem, unless the obnoxious power creep becomes far more prevalent this time around.
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  20. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    That would be Bruxish's Ability. Tapu Koko's Ability is Elekimaker, that instantly starts an Electric Terrain :)
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