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Crobat Your Face Off!


Rogue decks are cool
Ok so, this is just a rouge list of a crobat deck i have been wanting to play. Keep in mind, that i am still just getting back into the TCG and do not know all of the cards yet, and also i know this wont be the best deck in the world, but fun none the less. So the strategy is to hopfully get a turn 2 set up with crobat and get a virbank up and start poisoning your enemy till their death!!!

4-2-4 Crobat

2 giratina PLS (maybe? Or i could just run straight crobat, or even i was thinking sableye)


4 Juniper

4 cheren

2 bianca

4 Rescue scarf

3 bicycle

2 Pokemon communication

4 Hypnotic laser

4 crushing hammer

4 enhanced hammer

3 Rare Candy

4 Virbank city gym


6 psychic

So let me know what you think i should Add/subtract from this!! Thanx you! :)[/i]


Aspiring Trainer
RE: Crobat your face off!!!!

Here is my Crobat deck. I think it might help

4 Crobat PLS-55
4 Golbat PLS-54
4 Zubat PLS-53
2 Mewtwo NXD-54
2 Giratina PLS-62

Total 16

3 Hypnotoxic Laser PLS-123
2 Giant Cape DRX-114
1 Town Map BOC-136
2 Enhanced Hammer DAE-94
2 Escape Rope PLS-120
2 Pokemon Communication BLW-99
1 Pokedex BLW-98
1 Energy Search
3 Cheren EMP-91
1 Hooligans Jim and Cas DAE-95
2 Virbank Gym

Total 18

1 Double Colorless Energy HSG-103


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RE: Crobat your face off!!!!

@lamp: 1 DCE? the only thing in that deck that is able to attack then is Mewtwo:p Why 4-4-4 Crobat? that takes up too much space. try 4-1-3 Crobat, it's been working for me somewhat.


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My Crobat deck is a pure poison deck.
4x Zubat
2x Golbat
4x Crobat
2x Croagunk
2x Toxicroak
1x Mew EX

2x Cheren
2x N
3x Level Ball
2x Colress
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Super Rod
2x Rare Candy
4x Giant Cape
2x Great Ball
2x Virbank City Gym
1x Ultra Ball
1x Computer Search

12x Psychic Energy
2x Blend Energy(water,electric,fighting,metal)
2x Blend Energy(grass,fire,psychic,dark)
2x DCE

So tell me what you think.