Creatures Reveals TCG's New Focus on Five Weaknesses, Dragon Likely Removed

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    Focusing on "five weaknesses" is a terrible justification for removing Fairy and Dragon to me. This is a card game that had 11 (now 9) types based on a video game that had 18 types. If you want to focus in on 5 of those types hitting for weaknesses and not the others, why even bother having more than 5 types? Just delete Psychic, Darkness, Metal and Colorless along with Fairy and Dragon.

    Also kind of dumb that the closest justification there was to splitting Dragon out to its own type after 15 years was "it doesn't make sense for something like Rayquaza to be weak to something like Rattata." Well now nothing makes sense anyway, so what is the truth TCG designers?
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    That is an interesting take... and I'm going to "take" advantage of it to bring up another of my questionable ideas for the game. Namely, a new approach to Type distribution, based on shuffling what we had in the Sun & Moon era. Most of it is the same. TCG Type is first, then the VG components of the Type.

    Colorless = Flying and Normal
    Darkness = Darkness and Poison
    Fantasy* = Dragon and Fairy
    Fighting = Fighting and Ground
    Fire = Fire
    Grass = Bug and Grass
    Lighting = Electric
    Metal = Rock and Steel
    Psychic = Ghost and Psychic
    Water = Ice and Water

    The Fantasy* Types would not have their own basic Energy Type, but would just use one or two Types appropriate to the Pokémon in question. So... business as usual for Dragon-turned-Fantasy Types, and the new norm for Fairy-turned-Fantasy Types. Not sure which Type to make the cards themselves, though: Dragon Gold, Fairy Pink, something new? That last one requires figuring out a color that doesn't overlap with the others (that would keep their current coloration).

    *Better names are welcome. I've also considered "Magic" and "Mystic".
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    :Here's my take on what it could mean for the game.

    First, the 18 types in the games are obviously bloated. Bug is essentially underpowered Grass, Dragon describes one type of creature and has to constantly break the definition of what a "dragon" is, Flying and Fighting describe an act rather than a type, and Rock / Ground can be virtually indistinguishable. Of course there is no going back now, so the TCG has to make concessions.

    Here's what COULD happen with less types AND less types that hit for weakness. Not saying that would happen.
    • Types can finally have strong identification they cannot break. Not every type can do everything.
    • Less types makes it easier to design boxes against specific decks. Less weaknesses makes it even easier.
    • Having some types with niche/no weaknesses allows the designers to create crazier cards in these types, knowing that they have no advantages.
    • Less weaknesses COULD mean more varied weaknesses within one type.
    I would not hold my breath though - they had the opportunity to stop printing three-prize Pokemon and yet they did it anyway.
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    Because the concept of dragons needing dual energy was fun for me. I was playing when they first introduced the card type and was very excited. Constantly made various dragon type decks. They used to be weak to themselves, so it was funny to hit each other for massive amounts of damage. When fairy type came out I was sad that dragons became solely weak to fairy, but it did not stop me from using them. I was very happy to hear that fairy had been removed because I had hoped maybe they would make them weak to each other again. Removing them has removed a fair bit of enjoyment for me. And I am sure people who liked using fairy cards/decks feel the same
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    This does not bode well for ptgc as they are following masuda model, "they can't be bothered with making variety" since it's easier to mass produce 5 simple types, it means that dexit is affecting ptgco as well. The weakness don't really make sense for the Pokemon types as well, dark has no weaknesses to grass in the consoles whatsoever, and poison has always been associated with grass Pokemon since they are basically compliments of each other, why not make them grass and weak to psychic? Dark should remain weakness to fighting, as dark is otherwise still Op in expanded if not for fighting Pokemon to counter. Psychic remains fine with having weakness to psychic, and ghost has correct weakness. Grass Pokemon is a wierd type, the Pokemon often are underpowered and generally don't do well against most decks, it rarely encounters water decks. The 3 main op types right now is fire,lightning, and water decks. Rather than simplifying the types and weaknesses, why not add more than one weakness to Pokemon. I agree they seems to be catering to young, naive children who really have no interest in the game, it's just that cards look cool and because they see Charizard or Pikachu they want it. Children younger than 10 really don't care about the game, they end just littering in thier own homes as it was trash. Overall I believe this weakness and type removal as an excuse is pretty B's and this is this result of masuda,Pokemon freak not wanting to develop the game because they are tired of it.
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    Dark is weak to Bug, which is part of Grass in the TCG.

    Psychic and Poison both are primarily associated with purple, and Steel is immune to Poison.

    Also, that was the dumbest link to "Dexit" I've read yet. Chill. GF and TPC aren't trying to restrict you.

    Edit: I'm not dismissing criticism; I am, however, dismissing a ridiculous conspiracy theory.
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