Cradily, Lileep, Antique Root Fossil from Stellar Miracle!


Grass-Type Gym Leader
News Staff
Cradily, Lileep, and Antique Root Fossil have just been revealed from Stellar Miracle, which releases in Japan on July 19th. We expect its cards to become part of our Stellar Crown on September 13th.
Lileep – Grass – HP100
Stage 1 – Evolves from Antique Root Fossil
[G] Bind Down 50 damage. During your opponent’s next turn, the Defending Pokémon can’t retreat.
Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 2

Cradily – Grass –...

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Cradily.. there are basics in the current format with the attack text of “the opponent’s pokemon is KOd”. Youre gunna have to step it up 😅