Finished Count to 10 - Season Seven

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    ~~Count To Ten - Season Seven ~~

    As you file into the familiar room of the Count To Ten house, the door slams behind you. A shiver runs down your back as you hear the door lock. This doesn't seem right. Glancing around the room, you realize it doesn't look quite the same as it did from previous seasons. The walls are decorated blood-red, with...backwards tens painted all round the walls, and ever the floors? Question marks were in the mix as well, though there seemed to be no pattern to it.

    A booming voice echoed around the room. This voice was..also familiar, and one you never thought you would hear here again. "Hello, hello, hello...It is I, your beloved host. Did you all miss me last season? That's right. They tried to take this from me 'mix up the hosts' they said. HAH! Well, not anymore. I can promise you won't hear from that @Lord o da rings, or any other host they may have come up with, again. I am the true host of this game." You hear the voice crack, as if whatever device it was being displayed through was going out. "Have fun. You'll be here a lot longer than you expect..."

    "Oh, and expect the unexpected"

    Hello everyone. I am your Official Count To Ten Host @Jadethepokemontrainer.
    I am here to host your game. Which you probably guessed by my title. Which is, in case you missed it, Official Count To Ten Host.
    I'm sure you've all seen the..classic Count To Ten. However, I'm here for revenge. This can't be the same. Be ready people, because you're in for a treat...


    Gonna have to explain this? Really?
    Well, I suppose we can't have people running around this house without knowing what's going on.
    Players take turns saying 1-3 numbers starting at 1. Numbers can only increase, not decrease. There will also be a certain order to who says the numbers when which will be announced after sign-ups.
    However, new to this season *hehe*, you want to be the person who says 10. Saying 10 guarantees you safety for the round.

    Confused? That's okay. You should be. So, it would look something like this.
    Player A: 1, 2, 3 player B: 4, 5 player C: 6, 7, 8 player D: 9, 10. Player D is safe, and play continues with player E. This goes on until 2 people remain. At this point, the first person to have said 10 (so in this case, that would have been player D) chooses which of those two remaining players is eliminated.
    Sounds fun, right? Well, it sure is for me. HAHA.

    That's right! If that isn't enough to shake things up for you, there is more.

    Every player in the house will receive a pm from me at the beginning of the game. This pm will include a secret ability, which you can only use once during the game.

    Once during the game, if you find yourself in the bottom two, you can use this ability and switch yourself out with another player in the game (You can't choose the round winner).

    Make sense? Good, because we gotta move on.


    - Feel free to talk about the game in-thread, just make sure to make it obvious you're not counting.
    - Please, please PLEASE make your numbers bold.
    - Each player has 36 hours to post. Not that hard to post a couple numbers right? Failure to do so when it is your turn will result in your removal from the game. (if you're know you're going to be absent and not be able to post your number for some reason, please inform me and I can give you more time.)
    - Outside Communication is allowed to form alliances if you want to make any of those. Please keep me in all alliance messages.


    Season 1 by double o squirtle ~Lord o da rings
    Season 2 by Jadethepokemontrainer ~Ninjapenguin
    Season 3 by Lord o da rings ~Ninjapenguin
    Season 4 by Jadethepokemontrainer ~Blakers
    Season 5 by Jadethepokemontrainer ~quakingpunch73
    Season 6 by Lord o da rings ~mirdo


    This seasons contestants

    @Mariano11887 1st Winner!

    @GekkisaiDaiNi 2nd Runner Up!
    @The Last Shaymin ELIMINATED Round 5. 3rd
    @Professor_jplap MODKILLED. 9th ELIMINATED Round 4 by GekkisaiDaiNi. 4th
    @Celever ELIMINATED Round 3 by random number. 5th
    @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK MODKILLED. 6th
    @torchictcg ELIMINATED Round 2 by Celever. 7th
    @GM DracLord ELIMINATED Round 1 by random number. 8th
    @Luxinity MODKILLED. 9th
    @Acetrainer_Samwise DROPPED 10th

    I'm accepting any number of signups this season. Signups will end 1 week from the time of this posting.

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  2. GekkisaiDaiNi Lurking for now


  3. Celever Wheeeee~


    This sounds like a pretty marathon structure. I'm in.
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  4. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    Count with me. I'm in.
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  5. Professor_jplap Incineroar approves good grammar


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    Count me in.
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  9. torchictcg Some-what advanced TCG Collector / Connoisseur


    IN If its not too late!
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    Extending signups until Monday June 11th. Sign-up soon!


    Sorry but, I’ll hav to drop. I dot think I’m going to have time for this.
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  12. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Count me IN
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    Going another 24 hours on sign-ups for this.
  14. Luxinity Elegant Cosplayer


    Count me in,
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  15. I would have loved to play again. Unfortunately I'm too busy this time around. Good luck with the game guys!
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    Just realized I was tagged earlier for this and never responded, but I'm not really interested this time around. Have fun guys.
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    And that's signups! Like this post once you have received your ability PM.

    Game will begin tomorrow.
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