Could Someone "Sugi" My (other) OC?

Nekoban Ryo

Hey... ummm... *twidles thumbs* could somebody do me a huge favor? Please? I've requested this before, though that was about 4 years ago, but I seem to have lost track of the file and I wouldn't mind an upgrade, anyway.

Who do I want drawn? This guy (he is in sprite form right now). I have attempted to draw him several times over the years, but I have never been able to draw a decent pic of him. I want someone to draw him, full body, in a Sugimori or Pokemon anime style (colored). It could be in this pose or, preferebly, the pose of a boxer.

Please note that this character is not an old man. I would like his youth to be captured in the image. He is about 19-22 years old. He's not uber muscular, either, so I don't want macho man artwork. If it helps at all, he's a fighting-type Gym Leader in my HeavenEarth fan game.

Of course, I don't expect you to do it for free, though it would be nice if you would. Whoever does the best job on this, makes it look most "official," will receive 23,000 Gaia gold. Optionally, you could have me draw a picture for you, but if you're good enough to fill the above request, I doubt you'll want any of my art. Another option is that I can trade you any Pokemon from one of my games. I'll credit you every time I use the artwork.

I hope someone can help me out!

EDIT: Here's a quick sketch I did to help whoever does this with the hair and face (though this can be tweaked if you can make it look better). I would like for him to have hand wraps (which were so lightly sketched on the pic that they can't be seen).