Discussion Could Blastoise Make a Comeback?


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I see people only using it because of Archie/Maxie hype. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion/how I see it. As you say - it's a very situational card. A situational card that will be gone from rotation soon. It's also a bad card to play against someone running a rogue deck, as many rogue decks I've seen lately include plasma eeveelutions to counter decks like Seismitoad. It's a nifty card, but I've seen players trying to focus too hard on making their Kyogre/Swampert decks utilize Blastoise -and that does nothing but hurt them in the long run. It's too much of a risk to play, and it's not a risk worth using. But I guess that really just depends on your locals.

Who am I to discourage though? Have fun with the game, if you can build it and make it work, all the power to ya!

I just feel it's best suited in Expanded format.


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I don't really think so. Personally I'd prefer to use a draw supporter and then Rare Candy a Blastoise as it uses more resources. The problem of Toad is more relevant, however.


I don't think the turtle can comeback, sorry. There's a fact that no one can deny and that is, Stage 2s are slow and inconsistent. No matter how many Rare Candys, Skylas, or heck even Tropical Beach can make Stage 2s win constantly. Pokemon is a game of chance and the % you have to draw what you need when you need is difficult to replicate over and over again.

Stage 2s lost Tropical Beach and suffered even more because that stadium allowed for even more draw than what people were using (Roller Skates, Delphox strangely, etc). And on T1 or even T2 with 2 Squirtles and Keldeo EX benched, when they used the Stadium did they always get Rare Candy, Blastoise or Ultra Ball? No. On top of needing the cards to evolve they also need energy!

To illustrate how poorly Stage 2s perform, I've been taking a break from my main decks and using my sucky deck to play against my brother. His is a Landorus EX/Lucario EX/Pancham (yeah) deck. I used RayBoarFox. And guess what? I can't always set up in time!

So sorry Stage 2 fans but these decks are hard to play on today's game. They peaked in DP and HG/SS.