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Standard Corviknight


Aspiring Trainer
Corviknight is an interesting Pokemon that can become really bulky if played right. It was a card that I didn't know about until recently. 170 HP might not seem like much but combined with its attack Iron Wing and a Metal Frying pan it has an effective HP of 300. How do we get the fuel for the attack? Malamar.

Pokemon: 18

4 Rookidee
1 Corvisquire
4 Corviknight
2 Inkay
2 Malamar
2 Mincinno
2 Cinccino
1 Ditto Prism
1 Mew

4 Rare Candy
3 Evolution Incense
3 Quick ball
4 Pokemon Communication
2 Viridian Forest
2 Air Balloon
2 Metal Frying Pan

4 Cynthia
2 Lillie
3 Mearnie
1 Guzma and Hala

4 Unit Energy PLM
6 Psychic Energy
1 Recycle Energy
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