News 'CoroCoro' Confirms Necrozma Forms

Their Goominess

Can't say it was unexpected.
The names of the formes are actually rather cool. I'm interested to know more about why Necrozma fuses with them and the lore behind them.


Oh wow, so surprised. Although story wise I'm curious why this will happen.

A new challenger has appeared!

My guess is ultra ultra-beasts, I'd say a new, unrevealed, beast that can absorb/fuse with the others, got to be something end of existence worthy for the new form to battle!

OR please be something extra awesome like some out of control Alolan Mewtwo! Hmm actually with all this Kanto fanfare something like this isn't too much of stretch of the imagination!


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"Mane of Dusk", "Wings of Dawn". Those names are boss. Pity the localized names probably aren't going to be as cool - I'm thinking Orange Necrozma and Blue Necrozma are pretty likely, or at least something of that nature..


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I wonder if that's what the TCG cards will say haha

Necrozma, Wings of Dawn GX

Well Black Kyurem and White Kyurem say their respective titles


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What a shocking, unexpected revelation! They did such a good job of keeping this a secret...

I'm calling it: Sun Necrozma and Moon Necrozma. The Gen 5 games were called Black and White, and we had Black and White Kyurem, so it would make sense.


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Actually... I didn't expect this. I thought Necrozma would fuse as part of Solgaleo/Lunala. Instead, it's the other way around: Solgaleo/Lunala are fused into Necrozma.

I.e.: The Assimilation process was the reverse of what thought it would be. :/


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I'm a little bit disappointed, because this was something unique for Kyurem to me.
Now another legendary fusion, I don't know how to feel about that :/


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Pretty much the same exact concept with Black and White's fusing legendaries. Fuses into the third mon.

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The only surprise here is that they still don't seem to realize how not interesting this game is to the majority of the players. Or maybe they know it and yet they aren't even trying.


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I feel like the Solgaleo version should be "Mane of Dawn" if it's like, sunrise? And if the moon comes out at night that version should the "Wings of Dusk"? Am I missing something?

Still irked that they copied/pasted the B2W2 idea with these games.