Help Complete Master Sets… what’s their value?


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I have recently completed a vivid voltage master set and wanted to know a few things…

Firstly; are they worth keeping till it is well out of print or selling while there is still stuff out there?

Secondly; if it was to be sold roughly how much are master sets worth in comparison to the individual cards sold separately?

Finally; would you guys sell it or keep it? As it was fun to collect but other then a collectors piece I wouldn’t be using it :)

Any comments or feedback would be amazing I would like to hear your opinions on the matter :)


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The problem with collecting modern sets is that there is so much more access to them. Through eBay, Facebook groups, etc., acquiring cards for a Vivid Voltage master set (or any modern set, really) has never been easier. If you genuinely enjoy the set, keep it and enjoy looking at the cards for years to come. As the cards decrease in supply as they go out of print, their value will inherently go up. If you're in it for the can also just hold until it's been a few years. Don't expect massive returns any time soon. You're more likely to fetch more cash selling the set piece-by-piece, but that's a lot of work and time. You'll need to factor that in.

I have no nostalgic or emotional connection to the set so I would likely keep the Rainbow Pikachu VMAX and the Amazing Rares (they're pretty cool) and sell everything else.