News Complete List of All Problems in 'Sword & Shield' with Proof

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Card Slinger J, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Card Slinger J #BringBackNationalDex
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    Warning: This thread contains Spoilers for those who haven't played Sword & Shield yet.

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  3. Card Slinger J #BringBackNationalDex
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    So according to Arlo on YouTube there's new hard evidence of reused Pokémon models in Sword & Shield:

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    Thanks for providing this summary. It's a nice compilation of the main issues I have with SwSh.

    Please don't be one of those people who expects the game to be bad, but buys it anyway because you are a "fan" and it's "Pokemon". Your hard-earned money can be better spent on so many other titles, made by developers who actually care about their brand.

    As someone who has followed Pokemon since RBY and has dedicated an unhealthy amount of time to the games and community, I hope that the newest titles crash and burn. Really, that's the only way I see the franchise re-orienting itself. If garbage like SwSh continues to sell, then garbage is what we'll keep getting.
  5. Card Slinger J #BringBackNationalDex
    Card Slinger J


    If anyone still insists on playing Sword & Shield I would strongly suggest buying a used copy so that Game Freak doesn't receive a dime of your purchase.

    Problem is that the amount of used copies are going to be minimal compared to the amount of unused copies in circulation so good luck with that.
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    I already made a thread on this...
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    Now that the game has been out for about a week, this list could be updated slightly. Here are a few other things I noticed during my brief playthrough, as well as some further findings which have dropped since the game's release:

    17. The audio and sound design is poor. In fact, configuring the sound settings is not available in the options at all, and must be accessed by talking to a random NPC (???). The music would occasionally cut out when exploring the wild area. The lack of voice acting leads to some scenes which are quite frankly embarassing to watch, such as the very first scene with Rose and the singing scenes with Piers. And this is a subjective opinion, but I've never heard such a weak soundtrack in a mainline Pokemon game. The champion theme in particular is surprisingly dull. I have to admit though that there were neat touches here and there (I liked that the crowd cheered in time with the music when the gym leader pulled out their ace).

    18. The plot. There doesn't seem to be any real plot to speak of until you collect the 8th badge. Character motivations are all over the place. For example, Rose wants to awaken Eternatus to... solve an energy crisis that won't be an issue for the next 1,000 years? Despite the overworld being portrayed as this utopia with no energy concerns to speak of...? And... he can't wait a single extra day so you and Leon can finish your championship match? What? I don't even know where to begin explaining everything wrong with this. Characters in general don't seem to amount to much, and are pretty unlikeable all around. Piers and Marnie are probably the best characters.

    19. Money doesn't mean anything in this game. I guess this ties into the easy difficulty and poor game design comments, but really, oh my god. You get so much free stuff handed to you, there are so many free heals, and your mum even gives you £30,000 right after you get your first Pokemon. That's not counting all the exploits / glitches you can do in the wild area to farm an endless supply of Watts, with which you can buy things to then sell for cash. You can get ~£1,000,000 in ten minutes with such methods.
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    Sword and shield are perfectly fine pokemon games better than we have had in years something I know very well because I've played forever and play many other games outside of pokemon. yall dont know shit it seems cuz you expect a perfect experience just because it's on a console and are entitled little shits. Of course the game has problems but so does final fantasy 7, witcher 3 and countless other rpgs that are considered amazing in their own rights. So what theres only 435 pokemon in the code of the game so what it's not the skyrim or pokemon. Game freak did a good job and a game is ment to be reviewed on what it has that was done right not what it doesnt have at all.

    Also seriously yall wanna complain about story in a pokemon game look at litterly every other game in the series the story is never particularly great with the first 2 gens basically having zero and swsh at least has a pretty good back story to it so seriously stop being delusional
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    I hate to say it, but this post actually shows that you are pretty much everything that is wrong with the current pokémon fandom. Unable to look at the new games objectively and aggressively spouting out insults and personal attacks against those that do.

    If you actually believe these are the best pokémon games in years I do not know what to say.
    These games have so many issues, have been stripped of so many things the older games had, does not even have half of all the pokémon despite "catching them all" being the catchphrase of this franchise ( considering you could catch all of them in the previous games YES it is an issue), not to mention a legit endgame. Speaking about endgame, the game doesn't have any.
    Considering pokémon is the biggest franchise in the world, it is not unreasonable to espect gamefreak to actually invest some of that money in a better game.
    So yes, expecting something groundbreaking for a new console that gave us gems like Breath of the Wild is not even close to being 'entitled'.
    As it is, 75% of pokémon Sword&Shield could have been done on a 3DS cartridge.
    And those other games you mentioned did not actively cut content. Hell, The Witcher 3 added DLC of a size it could be considered a game of its own.

    As for the story: What story? I honestly do not understand what you find so great about it. We just randomly wander from gym to gym, and the "bad" guy does not really show himself until the champion fight, you basically no idea whats going on, let alone what Eternatus has to do with anything. We don't even have a real evil team this time around, or the infiltration of the enemy base. Let's compare the general themes/plot points of all gens:

    GEN 1: Story was new, had to invent the wheel, shows its age but a pokémon classic since it was the first.
    GEN 2: Relatively short story, but basically concluded the Rocket Arc from the first Gen.
    GEN 3: The first story to revolve around the box legendaries, dual evil teams, and managed to make a jab at climate change in the process.
    GEN 4: Don't mess with time and space and how a single person can destroy everything out of selfishness ( Cyrus wanted to recreate the universe with him as a God). Not the best story, but it had some okay themes.
    GEN 5: Possibly the best story pokémon ever had with N and his truths and ideals, combined with Ghetsys as a true evil manipulator.
    GEN 6: Weaker than 5, but could make a case for an anti-war theme, the danger of dehumanizing based on physical traits ( team flare's obsession with beauty), and atonement+forgiveness may always be an option ( AZ+Floette).
    GEN 7: Story takes another dive since its mostly island trials, but I would wager it is mostly about family ties and how they can both create and destroy ( Lusamine and her relationship with her two children, the backstory of Guzma and Hala/Kukui, etc).
    GEN 8: uhhhm....okay...I do gyms...and suddenly this dude in a suit wants to fight me and I have to face off against a pokémon I never heard off 5 seconds ago and was never mentioned...
    Even in a franchise that will never win any awards for storytelling, the story in Gen 8 is the weakest by far, and that is saying something after Su&Mo.

    Just because you do not have any issues with these games, or the issues that have been highlighted do not affect you does not mean the issues are invalid.
    And if you enjoy these games all the more power to you.
    That does not take away from the fact that scores like IGN's 9.3/10 are nowhere near realistic, not when looking at everything they took away, all the lies they told, every corner they cut..
    The games are not shit.
    But they are two of the weaker installments in the series, 7-7.3/10 at best.

    And please, stop insulting people because they hold views you do not agree with.
    That will not bring you very far in life.
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  10. Wechselbalg "okey"


    The single player part of the game does suck, the story is probably the dumbest yet and the dialogues are so uninteresting that after a while I kept mashing 'A' just to get to the end of the story and finally start breeding. Then again I also have to consider that obviously a lot of kids are going to play this game and they will probably find the story "cool" and "awesome", but as an adult, I really didn't find anything enjoyable about the characters or the "plot".

    From a technical standpoint, the game is fine, it's not amazing but apart from a couple of really awkward animations (that don't have that much significance, to be honest) and some questionable textures the game looks and sounds ok. I personally like the soundtrack.

    Being able to farm money very easily is actually a good thing if you want to prep for competitive, since you can buy vitamins (which are quite expensive) and now you can use them to max out EVs.

    The wild area was a good addition, but it really should have been bigger.

    As for the removal of moves - most of what was removed was completely useless. The only thing that should have been kept is Pursuit. Hidden Power not being in the game is actually not that big of a deal, since a lot of pokemon have received additional moves - a lot of special attackers get weather ball, for example, which helps with coverage on weather teams. Similarly, almost every special fairy attacker gets access to mystical fire, which actually has a higher base atk stat than HP fire.

    The dex cut actually makes competitive better imo, or at least partially. If not only gigantamax, but also dynamax was banned in ranked, it would make for a much better meta. No more Tapus, Magearna, AshGren, Lando-T, Amoonguss/Smeargle Spore spam etc. However, dynamax just turns some pokemon into HP sponges or gives them insane coverage for 3 turns (or both in some cases). Like, I get it, Pokemon needs to have a gimmick now in every new gen to try to keep up the "wow factor" and appeal to people who are easily impressed by huge explosions and special effects and whatnot. This doesn't mean however, that it should rule every part of the game.

    Overall I'd say the game is about 6/10, it did bring some good additions, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
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  11. Cody Weibel Aspiring Trainer
    Cody Weibel


    I'm getting a glitch where people at the same point in the game cant join my gigantamax raids even though they're next to me in game and irl. All the other raids work fine.
  12. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    Lol btw you could never “catch ‘em all”. You had to TRADE, not CATCH, version exclusives. You had to BREED, not CATCH, certain Pokémon. You had to EVOLVE, not CATCH certain Pokémon. You had to obtain certain Pokémon from trainers in game, or get them from mystery gifts, etc. just throwing it out there. If you mean “have ‘em all”, sure. Also I may be wrong but gen 2 and/or gen 3 and/or gen 4 and gen 5 didn’t have all the Pokémon and no way to transfer.
  13. AshCo The Proverbial Grumpy Old Man


    You're taking catch 'em all too literally here, it's just a catchphrase invented for the international release of Pokemon that showed off the incentive of completing the dex. Everyone knows getting every Pokemon includes having to do these things, the main issue is that it's not possible to obtain every Pokemon at ALL now.

    Not exactly sure what you mean here, but the only non-transferable Pokemon until now with the Dexit issue were between gen 2 and gen 3, if that's what you mean.
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    Yes it is what I meant,
  15. Drohn Wild War Dance


    I bought the game last week and finished the main story quite fast. I thought the game introduced some fun new content (Wild Area, Max Raid Battles, Nature Mints, Pokémon Camp, and more) and improved graphics from the previous games (still not the best, but an improvement nonetheless).

    Having played since generation 1, I generally think it's nice to see each new generation comes with new things to try, discover and explore. I don't even mind Dexit, I honestly think it was bound to happen. They can always rotate the Pokémon in seperate generations. Pokémon that didn't make it to Galar can reappear in future games, and the Pokémon that are now in Galar may not be in future games. I am fine with that. I prefer playing through each game only with Pokémon introduced in that generation anyway.

    Now, this thread is about what is wrong with the games, so here are the things I really didn't like:

    1. You cannot turn off Exp. Share... When I play through the game I want to have my party on me and get some gameplay-time with each Pokémon I use. Exp Share really limited how much I got to play with each Pokémon and made the game go way too fast and easy. Of course you can box Pokémon and train them individually, but that is not the same.

    2. There were no long and/or challenging routes, caves or other areas (with puzzles! Not that previous generations had difficult puzzles, but it would have been nice) to go through. I remember in past games there were times I really had to work to level some Pokémon up and rotate between my party to get to a new area, since the trainers (and high level Pokémon that you couldn't always run from) made sure your party took some damage or got status conditions on your way there. I really missed the challenge here. I still hate that poison doesn't cause out-of-battle damage anymore too.

    Those 2 points made the game way too fast and easy for me. Overall I thought it was an average Pokémon game, since it did introduce some things I really like. Especially a big fan of the wild area.
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  16. His Goominess Galvantula stan
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    I've been playing it for a couple days now, I think I'm roughly two-thirds in (I'm around 9 hours in, but I've done a lot of side exploring and that sort of stuff) and so far I'm enjoying it, but one thing has happened which could be a simple mistake, but it might be worth mentioning: I caught an illegal Sizzlipede.
    I've seen a couple of people elsewhere mention it happen to them - during Max Raid Battles, Dynamax Sizzlipede can come with X-Scissor (I was really confused when I saw it as it's a stronger attack and the Sizzlipede was lv.17); normally it can't learn that move by any means (although its evolution, Centiskorch, can learn it by TR).
    It didn't negatively affect my opinion of the game or anything (if anything I was happy that it came with a strong STAB move from the get go lmao), and for in game purposes it's probably not gonna cause any trouble, but having a Pokemon completely available with an illegal move is still what I'd consider a problem (and it would be easy to rectify; just make Sizzlipede compatible with the TR for it).
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    I have been in possession of the game since Wednesday, the game is awfully short. In one day I had folded the main adventure. The difficulty is horribly low (even for a Pokémon game) and the region is terribly small.
    Technically it is not up to par. see the bay trees, NPCs and wild Pokémon appear 3 meters from our character completely ruins the little immersion present. Ditto for the absence of a controllable camera outside the wilderness, it's just unthinkable for an RPG on Switch. I'm also not going to talk about some purely despicable textures and some really distressing bugs.
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