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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Jayfeather, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Jayfeather Aspiring Trainer


    Hey Pokebeach,

    I need a new deck and I was going to make a vikabulu deck but my dreams were crushed when people said it was terrible. Any other ideas? I don’t want to spend much more gab $110, but I’m pretty flexible with money. Here are some of my ideas:

    Glaceon GX Greninja GX

    Dusk Mane Necrozma GX
    Zoroark GX Greninja GX


    Alolan Ninetales GX

    Metagross GX

  2. TickyIV Aspiring Trainer


    What's wrong with VikaBulu? I only ask because I'm building it at the moment... :(
  3. Christopher Shehan Aspiring Trainer
    Christopher Shehan

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    I think vika bulu is great. It hits a lot of the numbers and not weakness is awesome. It has a tough time against gardy and metagross but can stand up to a lot of other decks being played.
  4. PokeMedic Don't talk to me or my Pokemon ever again

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    Who told you that? Virbank City? Always do the opposite of what Virbank says.

    I've really enjoyed Glaceon GX and Greninja GX. Having Glaceon active is really useful to shutting down abilities and causing some spread damage early on in the game. I haven't gotten to play the other ones you mentioned, though.
  5. FlashRayquaza Rayquaza Fan


    Shrine Variants. Play either Buzzwole/Garbodor/Shrine or Buzzwole Weavile Shrine
  6. Jayfeather Aspiring Trainer


    I don't go to Virbank City....

    Yeah Shrine decks seem pretty great RN, also been thinking of doing a DRM Gyarados and SHL Manaphy deck, its turbo Lapras that can attack every turn on a one prize attacker.
    It's not weak to psychic, fighting, steel, or dark, Shrine works here, and Aqua Patch and that healing water supporter push this deck up in tiers. Does this sound viable or no?
  7. James Kowalski Fastest player alive
    James Kowalski


    @Jayfeather Quagsire lapras is fairly inexpensive And you can find good list on the Omnipoke on to YouTube or twitch

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