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  1. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    Hey everybody, its me, TheSceptileMaster, back at it with a new thread. This time it is about...Clash Royale!
    Just discuss the game in general, create new strategies, or even seek help from veterans here. Below there are some basic resources and examples to help you.

    Clash Royale is a freemium mobile strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. The game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. The game was released globally on March 2, 2016.[

    Cards Used:
    • Royal Giant
    • Fire Spirits
    • Furnace
    • Mini PEKKA
    • Archers
    • Mega Minion
    • Fireball
    • Arrows
    Push with the Royal Giant, and have the Mini PEKKA supporting it. You can use Archers and Fire Spirits as support and cycle cards. Mega Minion is the main aerial defense/attack, and Furnace is a distraction building. Use Arrows on most weak but "horde" cards, and Fireball on the more bulky and stronger cards such as Elite Barbarians.

    What I Think:
    This deck is uber-powerful, strong offensively, and efficient on countering most current decks. It loses to regular Giant decks and occasionally Three Musketeer decks as well. I love it and use it as my main.

    The game is fun, and really strategic, but can improve. It becomes unbalanced very often, and the luck for getting rare cards is very low and the process stressful.

    And for any veterans, I may host a tournament if this thread becomes popular, so keep this in mind.

  2. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Have to say, this is a much-needed thread. Right now I'm barely in Legendary Arena and am experimenting with an Elite Barbarian cycle deck.

    In your deck, I would switch Furnace for Inferno Tower. The Fire Spirits take way too long to spawn from the Furnace, and Inferno Tower is much more versatile, being able to take down Golems, Lava Hounds, Giants, and if placed at the right time, Royal Giants. I would also switch arrows for Zap, as Zap can counter Inferno Tower, and kill Skeleton Army, and seriously soften up a Minion Horde.
  3. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    Wow, I am in only arena 7. Well, I use a elite barb deck sometimes, it works out sometimes. Zap and inferno tower do seem like viable choices, but i find i can easily counter minion. Horde with arrows and archers while attacking. Inferno tower could be a much needed choice for me, as giant and inferno drag destroy me
  4. BraviaryBoi Anonymus


    I'm in legendary arena and attempting to find miner in shop before my break is over. I was playing lava hound but after dropping 200 trophies I'm now just playing that hog elite barbs three muskies thingy until I get miner

    As for ur royal giant deck main, a high enough fireball allows you to deal with three muskies quite easily and a defensive furnace position helps against giant decks
  5. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    Yes, @BraviaryBoi , my Fireball brings three muskets low enough where my tower one shots them. And why is everybody better than me:(.
  6. Ninjabot 215 Beep Boop
    Ninjabot 215


    Right now, my account is regrettably unable to be accessed by me right now, but I should get it back soon.

    As for my friend who is in arena 11, he runs this monster of a deck:

    Giant: 5
    Wizard: 5
    Graveyard: 5
    Elixir Collector: 5
    3 Musketeers: 9
    Bomber: 3
    Zap: 2
    Skeleton army: 3

    as you can see, it's a fairly cost-heavy deck. But once it gets running, it is super hard to stop, mostly due to the large amount of versatility, despite the fact that it is a little difficult to use.
  7. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    I'm in Hog Mountain right now, and I'm playing a cost-heavy golem deck.
    -Dark Prince
    -Baby dragon
    -Mega Minion
    -Eilixir Collector
    And it actually works, with 4.4 elixir cost. I've played this game in the time there were no legendaries so @TheSceptileMaster , for how long have you been playing?
  8. Im in hog mountain and im using a quadruple charge deck

    dark prince
    battle ram
    mega minion
    sekeleton army
  9. James Kowalski Fastest player alive
    James Kowalski


    @The Last Shaymin what arena are you in now if you have a lot of war wins join reddit misfits
  10. i barely play anymore

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