Cinderace ex, Raboot, and Scorbunny from Stellar Miracle!

Well, not horrible I suppose. I wish they made evolving Stage 1s better more often, instead of randomly making them cracked on rare occasions and mostly making them the most useless cards imaginable. I'd rather things like Charmeleon's somewhat useful ability were more of a regular occurrence.
Was it really too much to ask for Raboot getting a somewhat decent ability? Even one to just damage itself for Munkidori?

Why does Raboot need three energies for 60 damage
Kyogre from CRZ can also snipe for 180 and barely sees play in Chien Pao decks so idk how much play this guy will see
Has anyone else woken up in the night in a cold sweat, realizing that the dreaded “Ancient Wisdom Regis/Skyfield” combo is now effectively in Standard? I’m curious to see if it gets used at all (My money would be on pairing it with Galvantula ex, but I have no idea who the best partner would be in the long run).