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Standard Cinccino Mad Party

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by The Last Shaymin, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. hallo friends

    i have created my most recent masterpiece

    before you say it is clunky, try it out first

    Pokemon: 28
    4 minccino
    4 cincinno
    4 bunnelby
    4 dedenne
    4 mr rime
    4 polteagiest
    2 sinistea
    1 dedenne gx
    1 oricorio gx

    energy: 6
    4 twin energy
    2 triple accel energy

    trainers: 26
    4 quick ball
    4 pokemon communication
    4 great ball
    4 roxie
    3 air balloon
    2 evo incense
    2 boss
    1 great catcher
    1 ordinary rod
    1 chaotic swell

    just looking at the deck, it seems like trash.

    this is true.

    for at least the first couple turns of the game. it takes a little bit for the clunkyness to sort itself out, but once you get a couple of cinccino in play the deck flows like water. it feels incredible to be in just a terrible spot and then all of a sudden you start hitting for ridiculous numbers, its hilarious

    loses to adp, but everything beats adp so as long as you dodge it in the first couple games you should be fine

    main thing i am worried about is actually decking out, it might happen once in a while if you dont discard mad partiers with cinccino or roxie

    if you care that much, run a phione or a marnie or something

  2. If someone wants to, I think you should try putting a set of lillie's pokedoll in the deck

    its good for when you are just setting up, and you can always discard them with cinccino

    If you do run them, then maybe put in a sightseer otherwise your hand will be full of those mad partiers and we don't want that

    looking at the list, there aren't any good ways of discarding them other than with quick ball and the abilities

    you could always run a galarian meowth come to think about it
  3. I know this sounds incredibly ironic, but I personally think this deck is one of the most consistent decks in format. As long as you are given a couple of turns to breathe, you can almost always win against VMax and Tag Team decks. I haven't really tested the Pikarom matchup yet, but I would think that all you need is a mew tech and you are good to go

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