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chenlock (Cities) (Needs Division/full Pokemon name)


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2-2 garchomp cx
2-2 blaziken fbx
4 sableye
1 honchcrow g
2 crobat g
1 chatot g
1 ambipom g
2 uxie
1 toxicroak g

4 cyrus's conspiracy
2 cyrus's initiative
1 aaron's collection
1 bebes
2 collectors
4 poketurn
4 power spray
4 nrg gain
2 sp radar
2 judge
2 nrg exchanger
1 vs seeker
1 ebelt
-2 nrg exchanger
-1 ebelt
+1 bebe
+1 aarons
+1 collector

4 sp dark
4 dce
2 fire
-2 sp dark
+2 dark

strategy: start with sableye or ambipom and disrupt with chatot and initiative, and snipe with garchomp. Blaziken teck/attacker for dialgachomp and whatever else. I would appreciate all advices.

*Is it better to run a 2-2 blazekin fbx or 1-1 blzekin fbx and 1-1-1 blazekin?*

Shaymin Lv.X

Vissen zijn nat.
RE: Blaziken FBX (Cities)

Ehm.. This deck is called Chenlock..
Change the 2-2 Garchomp C Lv.X line to 3-1 ( If people in your metagame run Draggy FB/Ambipom G)
-1 E-belt
-2 NRG Exchanger
+1 Bebe's
+1 Aarons
+1 Collector
Why do you run Honchkrow G and Toxicroak G without Basic Dark and Psychic NRG?


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RE: Blaziken FBX (Cities)

Thank you for the clarification on the deck name. =] Couldn't I just use the sp dark energies for my honchcrow and i only need one psychic for toxicroak?

Anymore advices?

The Yoshi

RE: chenlock (Cities)

Meh. +10 in this case isn't that good considering you will be doing damage on the bench. And should I mention Scizor Prime? Plus, Aaron's Collection searches for basic energy. If the Sp. Dark goes in the discard, you have no way of getting it back.


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RE: chenlock (Cities)

I see. So how many dark energies or energies should I run instead then? Another questions is instead of a 2-2 blazekin fbx, is it better to run 1-1 blazekin fbx and 1-1-1 blazekin for the burn power?

The Yoshi

RE: chenlock (Cities)

Sorry if I was misleading you. YES, Sp. Dark DOES help in lots of cases, so try 2 sp. dark and 2. reg. dark. It it more versatile and will help you out depending on different situations. And for your second question, meh. Blaziken FB X is one of your main attackers, and garchomp's healing breath is for that. Meh.:p


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RE: chenlock (Cities)

You definently need an unown q to retreat Sableye after the early game disruption. I would take out the VS seeker for it. Unown Q is not an option, it is a necessity.