News Charizard-GX Premium Collection Box in September!


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I understand its a marketable pokemon but if the tcg needs to cycle Charizard, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, & Darkrai over and over then they need to fix their marketing. Blue sold better than Red in the US the only reason Blastoise isn't as popular as Charizard is because they did Green and Red in Japan, over all more global copies of Red were sold. Evolutions was a set built around nostalgia and as every thing ever has proven nostalgia sells, everything from soda to video games. Charizard has been in 2 Smash (1 as its own character 1 once where its split between the kanto starters) as appose to Pikachu and Jigglybuff that have been in more, Lucario & Mewtwo have been in 2 as their own character. Ash's Charizard is a cheap pop of nostalgia to try and get the show that has lost viewers to get some viewers back. I understand Charizard fanboys will defend its the best pokemon and needs to be in every set but there are some of us who are fans of the franchise and want to see more than the same 6 pokemon

I agree with most everything you're saying, but unfortunately, Charizard is generally well-received; leaving the haters in the minority.

With that said, they do a surprisingly good job with rotating through the 800+ Pokemon.
Though some may be forgotten, they still are getting prints.
Example: I really like Primeape, but even though it was printed in STS, most of the prints it gets are strictly unplayable.

They have variety, they just cater to what's going on currently in the franchise.
Volcanion // Magearna movie?
They release Steam Siege.

Sun & Moon come out?
They release the Sun & Moon set(s).

Pokemon GO releases 2nd Gen?
They release 2nd Gen collections.

the Pokemon company, more or less, likes to tie all their products together.
Which may cause a loss in variety, but we still see fresh Pokemon every so often.


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I just hope that the art includes Zard wearing the glide gear. Although its likely going to be another waste of trees.
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Actually, I don't think they've made one that's too high.
Unless I'm missing one, I think M Charizard's 300 is the highest?
Which could actually still miss out on a KO.

Example: Solgaleo + Shield Energy + Hard Charm + Training Center = 310 effective HP.
Still need a way to remove its fire weakness. the Flashfire/Evolutions one does 300 damage + super effective


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They're printing other mons because its less appealing to buy a set that's 20 cards so they need fillers which is where many mons always end up, the last useful castform was holon's castform, apart from that castform was used for filler in the D/D/P era due to its forms allowing it to take up 4 spots and now in S/M its getting its first new print, Dewgong wasn't printed at all from HGSS(2010)-Generations(2016). As seen with Garb, Blastoise, Shaymin Sky, All the Nightmarch mons and so on, pokemon that aren't huge marketing points can be made marketable if they have something to market in the first place. Shaymin Sky a pokemon that had next to no presence in the tcg was given 1 ability that made it the definition of important support card and has become the most expensive card for deck building and even was a main reason behind RS getting another printing run. Tying the TCG releases to whats going with the games is the best way to keep the tcg going, it gives a core idea for a theme of the set then it goes from there. Excluding X&Y theres always been a visual change with a new generation of games released signaling a movement in the franchise the blanks becoming more modern and sleek the same way the games are looking better and the graphics are smoother, each movie always has a set to tie loosely with it. Legends Awakened, Arceus, Nobel Victories to name a few. All of that is tied to the franchise moving ahead. As to why there's another charizard box being released when next to no one wanted or bought the last EX box is not only ridiculous but annoying when Charizard's GX spot let alone box could be used for any pokemon with any type of playable asset. To this day apart from base set charizard (even that is a bit of a stretch) I cannot remember an actually viable charizard card. Its a pattern of Throw charizard on a card high damage attack with high energy cost with a draw back that is not worth it: Charizard ex, Charizard *, Charizard G lvX, Charizard EX, both M Charizard EX. By constantly printing a charizard every time a new gimmick comes out (there has been one for every gimmick excluding Light Pokemon) it takes a gimmick spot away from a pokemon that hasn't been printed often enough, something viable or something new or innovating 5 energy for 200 damage to do 50 in recoil and discarding 10 cards from your deck gets super stale quickly
Only thing we have been safe from is charizard break, but that'll probably get a break box at some point.


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Let me guess:

Stage 2 Charizard-GX HP250[R]
evolves from Charmeleon

[C][C][C] Wing Attack 110

[R][R][R][R] Flashfire 210
This Pokemon does 50 damage to itself.

[R][R][R][R][R] Crimson Storm-GX 400
Discard all energy attached to this Pokemon. (You can only use one GX attack per game)

Weakness: [W]x2 Resistance: Retreat: [C][C][C][C]

You just know :/
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Ability: Flash Fire
Any energy cards attached to this Pokémon are automatically [R] type

[C][C][C] Exciting sounding claw attack: 60

[R][R][R][R][R] Big massive fire attack: 200
Discard 5 [R] energy attached to this Pokémon

[R][R][R][R][R] Crimson Storm GX
Discard as many energy as you like from this Pokémon, this attack does 20 damage for each energy discarded to each of your opponent's benched Pokémon


I think Charizard gets too much attention personally. I would rather see Pokemon make 2 Premium GX Boxes for Heatmor-GX and Zoroark-GX to focus on both Burning and Shadows, and besides Heatmor doesn't get much heat anyways. Because personally we need more reprints of Unova Pokemon.

no kidding. When my first thought was that you misspelled Heatran underexposure ceases to adequately describe it.


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DESPERATELY hoping that for once a powerful Charizard card will actually be playable. (Even though I know it's highly unlikely) Even though Charizard is incredibly overrated I feel like it's never really had a substantially good run in the TCG.


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Actually, I don't think they've made one that's too high.
Unless I'm missing one, I think M Charizard's 300 is the highest?
Which could actually still miss out on a KO.

Example: Solgaleo + Shield Energy + Hard Charm + Training Center = 310 effective HP.
What about Black Kyerum EX + Crystal Wall + FFB = 330 HP. But, just to be sure, do ACE SPECS count as items?

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It's about time we got a Charizard card. We haven't had one in forever! All we keep getting are Sunflora and Castform cards and I'm at this point am tired of seeing them. About time a lesser known Pokemon gets some special treatment.
Seriously! What we need next are some Darkrai! And Bronzong! Ooh, and Rayquaza, one of those, too!
I really want a Mewtwo GX card! The last time Mewtwo was in a set was 17 years ago!
No guys, isn't it obvious @Swampert Full Art is right, we really need another Mewtwo card! We definitely haven't seen one of those in a while! And there were definitely no competitive cards of it, nope, not at all.


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What about Black Kyerum EX + Crystal Wall + FFB = 330 HP. But, just to be sure, do ACE SPECS count as items?
By FFB Do you mean fighting fury belt? If so then you are unable to actually attach it Black Keyrum EX, because Crystal Wall has already been attached.


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Watch it just be this with Charizard slapped on it.

Swampert Full Art

I'm guessing we'll at least get a Charizard GX tin, another GX box, Charizard in at least 1 set, and probably a $40 box . We may even get a Super Premium Collection of Charizard for all I know.


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What people fail to realize is that the TCG is rated 6+. This doesn't mean that adults can't play it, it just means that business is business. Charizard,Mewtwo,Eevee,and Pikachu are all very famous Pokemon and will receive multiple prints in each era to keep those 6+ kids coming back.


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If you're wondering, the packs are:
Sun and Moon Base
Steam Siege
Sun and Moon Guardians Rising x2
Sun and Moon Burning Shadows x2

yaaay more steam siege :rolleyes:
tcpi could change it in english so we don't know