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Charizard Base Deck Help

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by MountainDrew, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. MountainDrew Wishes Mega Umbreon would exist


    Hey guys im really getting sick of the format, so I figured I would take a break, and go back to the old format where cards where broken, and the game involved more skill, which overall made a more fun format. I always liked Charizard, and I have him, so I figured it would be a good deck to build. I'm aware that Charizard wasnt very competative back in the old day, but I like going rogue so I went with it. Anyway onto the list.
    Pokemon (14)
    3-1-3 Charizard (All Base)
    3- Magmar Fossil
    2-2 Rapidash Jungle
    Trainers (33)
    3- Pokemon Breeder
    3- Computer Search
    4- Item Finder
    3- Bill
    4- Professor Oak
    4- Super Energy Removal
    3- Energy Removal
    3- Pokemon Trader
    3- Gust of Wind
    3- Switch
    Energy (13)
    4- Recycle
    4- Double Colorless
    5- Fire

    Strategy- You want to start with Magmar, or Ponyta to evolve to Rapidash to chip off pokemon until you get a massive Charizard to start taking prizes.

  2. Nigel Extra Spicy


    I can help if you need any advice. Up to which set do you want the cards in your deck to be from?
  3. MountainDrew Wishes Mega Umbreon would exist


    Any set before the old ex started.
  4. MountainDrew Wishes Mega Umbreon would exist


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