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Editor’s Note: This article was written before Baltimore Regionals but was unable to be edited and posted until now.
Hey everyone, it’s Charlie, and I’m so excited to be back with another article! After a long 2022 season, I enjoyed watching Worlds from home, and was so happy to see both my students and friends succeed at the highest level. However, part of me was upset that I wasn’t playing in Worlds myself; with the way invites shook out, getting an invite without 2019 finishes was extremely difficult, and I wasn’t able to hit the mark last season. This year, however, I’m ready for an incredible season, and fully committed to putting myself back on top of the game. Luckily for me, this season starts right at home in Baltimore! For the first time in my career, we had a Regionals in my home city, and was just as awesome an experience as I had hoped!
I played my Charizard list that you’ll find at the end of the article and on my Twitter (this article was written prior to Baltimore)...

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