'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!


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Wow, some of these cards aren't bad. Somewhat happy that Acro Bike is back (not sure how this will effect the meta), but I'm glad that I kept mine from PRC ;).

Swampert's ability sounds cool, combine that with Aqua Patch and you should have yourself a decent deck. If you can get multiple going, then you can literally burn through your deck for the resources you need. Brooklet Hill can help as well.

Manetric sounds fun as well (funny thing is that if you get more than one in your opening hand, you can play that down as well). I don't like how you have to be going second though, seems like it is asking for a lot.

Delcatty is okay, but it doesn't sound like it is very versatile and is pretty much a dead card after the ability. You might as well play a Pal Pad just for consistency reasons.

Banette isn't the best card, I don't like the energy cost on the attack and I don't know if the ability is worth playing it. Very similar to Target Whistle (PHF) though, and that saw little play as well (a single copy here and there, but that is about it)

Edit: Just realized this, but Super Boost Energy (ULP) with Swampert sounds a little insane. Not sure how often you'll be able to pull it off, but with that ability, you'd have a high chance I would think.

Ok, heres my problem with saying Swamperts a decent deck. If you call Swampert a decent deck, what does that make Palkia GX? I mean shoot, they have basically the same attack, except in theory Palkia should be better because its a 180 HP Basic, whereas Swampert is a 160 HP Stage 2. So according to your logic my friend if Swampert is a decent deck, that has to make Palkia GX a great deck, which I, couldn't ever rap my head around.


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This card is crappy stage one baby buzz; you need to have the sash on it for the attack to work, so you can't add choice band for extra damage and baby buzz takes up less deck space.


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Ok, heres my problem with saying Swamperts a decent deck. If you call Swampert a decent deck, what does that make Palkia GX? I mean shoot, they have basically the same attack, except in theory Palkia should be better because its a 180 HP Basic, whereas Swampert is a 160 HP Stage 2. So according to your logic my friend if Swampert is a decent deck, that has to make Palkia GX a great deck, which I, couldn't ever rap my head around.

Hey @AFEX!

Though Swampert and Palkia GX do have the same attack (which is not the factor I wanted to shed light upon in the first place), Swampert has an ability better than one of the most hyped up cards in the format (Zoroark GX). Drawing that one extra card is a nice effect, but get two or three Swampert in play means you can draw six cards per turn. Palkia GX can't do this unfortunately, and if it did, then there would be no point in mentioning Swampert (since Palkia GX would be easier to access in that case). The one downside of Swampert is it is a Stage 2, but that hasn't held other decks back before (and those Pokémon didn't have this ability either). I'm not sure how it will do in this meta just because it is too early to tell, but I expect it to be decent. It is a one-prize attacker, so you are consistently trade prizes with your opponent. If you have any questions on this, feel free to let me know.

Hope this helps!


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- Stevens Decision
Could be the upcoming T1 Lele supporter. Nice effect guarantees you a good setup which can't be N'ed away postrotation.

Judge will see play, just like the last time N rotated out and before it came back, and it's potentially more harmful than N T1.


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You win this time, blaziken…

You win this time...
altaria's okay, I guess...

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I mean Swampert is playable in the same sense that Sceptile is playable, it's got a good ability and conceptually strong attack, but the issue is their attacks don't ramp up fast enough considering they're both stage 2s, and stage 2 comes at a very large consistency and deck investment premium. You need 5 energy on Swampert to hit the 190/210 marks if you're going for an OHKO. You need 3 to even be able to attack, while you can theoretically get powered in one turn with a DCE and patch you lose damage for doing it. While you can aqua patch/quagsire around this a little you're going to be very hard pressed to do this repeatedly and consistently when you're trading attackers. While you might trade at a prize advantage, you're not going to be able to maintain a winning board position for very long using Swampert as a primary attacker. Super Boost Energy is a non-solution without Talonflame in the format, it's not very likely that you will be able to keep 3 stage 2s in play simultaneously when most of your typical basic/stage 1 attackers are very handily 2HKOing you.

Being able to maintain a winnable board position in a drawn out game has been the perennial problem with one prize stage 2s, only Greninja and Trevenant BREAK have really been able to overcome it, and that's largely because they attack for one energy and have disruptive abilities/effects. Stage 2s that require a large energy investment on the board tend to leave you feeling extremely empty handed when they get KO'd even if they traded well on a prize basis.


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That Swampert is insane. And we thought Trade was good...this card is broken. Being a Stage 2 doesn't matter when you have that kind of consistency.
P.S.: RIP Zoroark-GX 2017-2018. I hope you enjoy your peaceful rest in Buzzwole's back garden.


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I dont understand why some of you guys are undervaluing delcatty.
1.) Can be used to grab supporter after something like Banette discards it.
2.) Its not Budget Lele, Lele grabs from the deck, Delcatty grabs from the discard.
3.) Its good in a pinch when you dont have much.
4.) Delcatty is a rare so it'll be sort of hard to pull making its value per copy more expensive than other cards. (Not important to my argument)
Lastly, delcatty may take up a bench space, but its basically a searchable vs. Seeker. You'd just have to choose whether you'd this over marcargo or oranguru engines than anything else.


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Meanwhile at TPCI
-Sir! Zoroark is dominating the meta to the point where people are leaving the game what should we do?
-let's make a Zoroark counter then!
-Ok sir! How is it going to be offsetting zoroark?
-Instead of drawing 2 it should draw 3 cards!
-Sir I don't think that's what a counter means...
-And to compensate it let's make it a stage 2!
-OK you're going towards the right direction...
-And let's make it a single prize pokemon.
-Sir you've killed the game.


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I was really hoping that they would reprint the old Energy Draw Delcatty from Ruby and Sapphire.

Same... well, my real crazy desire is for a card that is a combination of Delcatty (EX - Ruby & Sapphire 5/109; EX - Power Keepers 8/108) and Delcatty-ex (EX - Crystal Guardians 91/100). Energy Draw with Upstream on a Delcatty-GX...


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If there was ever a better time for new players to start playing tag it would be hard to beat this. With the rotation being sun and moon onward it will be very easy for new players to learn the standard format.


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Dragon Altaria used Water and Steel energies in the past. The type change was most likely done because Altaria's Mega Evolution is part Fairy.

The Dragon Storm/Dragon Majesty Altaria uses Colorless energy.
he meant the colorless altaria, that can flip a coin to get out any dragon? or was it something else.


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Latias Prism Star is amazing in Altaria, it can endlessly K.O. Pokémon for just one DCE! For example you would need two fight song Altaria, one Altaria-GX and a Choice Band and you're already hitting for 220 damage. Don't think I need to mention Lance again, this deck is going to be great.

But wasn't there also going to be a set dedicated to Fairy? :(
Assuming its not in your prize card, and you arnt forced to get rid of it early. I see the potential in altaria decks, i play ptgco, so i will be using expanded decks only. the 2 mr mimes, are considered seperate gxs, since they have 2 different abilities, I thought one was going to be released outside of the coming pack?

@bomboy2121: Its pretty strong, every blaziken they ever made, seems to be very powerful attacks for such a low cost in energy, while other fire types usually have a high cost to thier attacks. in expanded you can get away with using blacksmith, burning energy is a must. Its gx attack is a buffed version of umbreons gx attack, for 1 energy you can disrupt or delay your opponnents pokemon.
@OppositeAttract: In expanded ptgco, i would treat it like noivern gx, use wally and DDE.
@Lord Goomy: prism stars pretty much one-off cards, they rarely make any significant impact like ace cards do, Ive noticed they are usually immediately discarded for something better or im able to immediately completely remove it from play with a single attack.
i do like steven's decision, good in a Mill, stall deck like wailor, wobbuffet,,,,etc.


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Latios looks like an ok late-game, one prize attacker in evolution decks like Zoroark.

Latios's attack is based on the number of evolution Dragon type cards you have in play, so it would do absolutely nothing for zoroarkGX, unless you were filling the bench with dragons?