'Celebrations' is our 25th Anniversary Set, Includes Reprint of Base Set Charizard!

Pokemon is now using regulation markers as basis for rotation. No markers mean they ain't legal at all
I'm aware. I assume at least some of the cards in the set will have regulation marks. I assume the V cards at the least will be legal. Or else why would they be Vs
No legality marker means that they're not legal for play. Hype gone.
Um, guys, I’m not so sure this actually proves anything. Regulation markers weren’t even used in JAPAN until 7th generation, and there are cards in the current standard format that don’t have regulation markers in the West, so I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that these cards aren’t standard playable.
Other points in favor of these cards being standard legal include the standard format balancing and the standardized weaknesses and resistances. Points against it include the fact that Zacian Lv. X and Greninja Star are outlying mechanics and Lance’s Charizard V can’t evolve into Charizard VMAX. Regardless, I don’t think that the regulation marker (or absence thereof) is enough to prove that these cards won’t be standard legal. After all, we’ve survived for years using copyright years to determine whether or not cards are legal, and although that system has its flaws, these cards aren’t reprints of existing cards like the 25 card subset.
Also, I checked the Trainers Toolkit Alternate Art promos and none of them have regulation markers... more evidence in favor of the absence of regulation markers not being enough to disprove that these promos will be standard legal.
Anyone who knows me or follows my work is aware of what a huge fan of anything Neo-era I am! I know it's limited, but I love the idea of bringing back old gimmicks, especially Light Pokémon. That Toxtricity looks fantastic!

I might actually have to buy some cards (for the first time in over a decade). Touché, Pokémon, touché.
This is making me SO DAMN GLAD that I'm friends with the guy who runs the local hobby shop near where I live, as it'll make getting all this stuff so easy.

On the other hand, OW MY WALLET - why's it all coming out in October? I know they wanna get it out in time for Christmas, but you'd think they'd push some out into November as well, or would that a bit too close to Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl for their liking? Either way, hyped regardless, and it's nice to see the gold Pikachu and Poké Ball cards won't be exclusive to the Japanese counterpart.
So it's gonna be a 1:1 remake of Base Zard w/ the 25th logo or will it be a remastered version like it was in Evolutions?